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  • Windows Phone Facebook Gets Secondary Live Tiles

    Windows Phone Facebook Gets Secondary Live TilesWindows Phone Facebook Gets Secondary Live Tiles
    Good news for Windows Phone users, now you are able to enjoy a better Facebook experience on smartphone as secondary live support has been added. This secondary tile addition lets you to monitor not only Facebook Chat but also some specific posts. Even it brings stickers. Developer team of Microsoft release Facebook version 5.2.1 of Winows Phone on Monday morning.
    Addition of this secondary tile for Facebook is based completely on user’s request. Michael Stroh, Microsoft social media manager, told that top demand from users is to have a better notification on Facebook. Microsoft always gives priority to top requests from the users, so its developer team released new version.
    Users of Windows phone are requesting an Android iOS style notification center of Facebook for their smartphone. This center can’t be hit Window market until next year. Nevertheless, Microsoft wants to satisfy its customers, therefore they turned to Mosaic of Live Tiles. Small colorful boxes work as a Bulletin Board for the users who receives notifications when an activity happens in their Facebook feed.
    Redesigned Live Tile applications permit users to check what others have posted on their Wall. Secondary notifications bring some more features. Now user can pin Facebook chat, events, groups, pages, and photo albums to Live Tiles.It has become very easy for the users to know who commented on a photo, what other wrote, and many other things. It is good to know that if Windows Phone 8.1 hits the phone as mentioned by Microsoft then Live Tile-Centric notifications will surely get ended. Because Microsoft will offer iOS-Android style notification center to its mobile users. This latest application of Facebook provided support to all 50 languages that are supported by Windows Phone.

    Microsoft is busy in adding more and more applications to Windows Phone market. Company is working hard for this from last week.Two exciting games that are being added to Windows phone market are Temple Run 2 and Ron Burgundy to browbeat you.
    It is reported by Microsoft that company had crossed 200,000 app mark in its Windows Phone store. Though many tech guys demand some improvements in the application but it seems that company is busy currently in adding more application than to improve available applications. Addition of Secondary Live Tiles to Facebook application makes it clear that Microsoft has started responding to user’s comments and demands.