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  • Will Apple iPhone 6 Bring Quantum Dot Enhanced display

    Will Apple iPhone 6 Bring Quantum Dot Enhanced display?
    Apple always introduces new technologies and features in its smartphone. Cupertino based firm has just filed a patent that implied that upcoming iPhone devices will bring flexible wraparound displays. Company filed a patent for a bendable screen that would be created via a power liquid metal process. An iphone with wraparound display would make it easy for the users to view content from left side, right side, front and back. Patent has non-touch surfaces at top and bottom sides. It is stated in the patent document that upcoming iPhone device will also make use of a gyroscope and accelerometer for adjusting display based on viewing angles of viewers.
    According to AppleInsider, “Quantum dots (QDs) are technically nanocrystals – in some cases smaller than a virus – made from various semiconductor materials that exhibit special quantum mechanical characteristics,” AppleInsider wrote in a post covering the new technology. “Of interest to display makers, as well as other industries in the optics field, are QDs’ light-emitting properties. Specifically, the material can be “tuned,” or manufactured, to emit very narrow spectrums of light.”
    Purpose of introducing this new and exciting display technology for smartphone is to make it simple for the users to have vivid and clear picture. This technology will have good impact on color reproduction and vividness.
    An interesting thing that is mentioned in the patent filling is the shape of display material. One can mould this material into different shapes such as hollow cylinders, triangles, rectangles, tubes, etc. This means that Apple is going to use this patent for wide variety of products and you may expect iphone devices with different shapes.
    Though it is in rumors that Apple iPhone 6 might have this new Quantum dot enhanced display yet you have to keep in mind that release date of iPhone is next year; Cupertino based firm has to wait for patent approval and then to start work on it. This will take much time, so we need to keep in mind that iPhone 6 may or may not have wraparound display.
    Though rumors suggest that Apple will use Quantum dot enhanced display in upcoming devices but we don’t know exactly where firm wants to use it. It is a fact that Apple always offers best display to the users. Another fact is that Apple iPad Mini is comparatively produce less accurate colors than other tablets, according to one study.
    It is good to know that Apple Quantum dot enhanced display is invented by Chenhua You and it was also filed in 2012.
    If upcoming Apple iPhone 6 brings Quantum dot enhanced display then other companies have to launch their devices with some other exciting technologies.