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  • Top 5 Video Console Games for Families in 2013

    In 2013, we saw release of different video games but when it comes to the best family games then we have only a few options. Winter is a season of holidays for kids and grown up. The best way to cheer up before and after launch time is to play a few family video console games.I have five best video consoles games that remain popular and hot among families this year.

    5. Knack – PS4

    Knack – PS4
    Knack makes every member of family to grab fun in a way he likes. In the beginning, family enjoys interesting story of the game. There is emotional game-play experience that makes it very appealing among the families. Players are able to enjoy real moments of problems, happiness, relief and concern in the game.It is a fact that you find it hard to play this game. However,it is good for the kids who are ready to accept tough challenges;once they meet these challenges, they feel great happiness and accomplishment. Main features that push families to stick with Knack are its strong characters, good story and unique play-form.

    4. Wonderbook Walking with Dinosaurs – PS3

    Wonderbook Walking with Dinosaurs – PS3
    When you are looking for a game that lets you to grab some happy moments for your family then you consider WonderBook Walking with Dinosaurs. Some players think that it is hard to control a game with a book. However, it is indeed a great idea especially when you want to play along with your family members. Every member get a chance to either look into the game and to control the game based on hints given by his sibling. This game combines characters from Walking with Dinosaurs movies and it also have some terrific prehistoric dinosaurs.

    3. Wii Party U – Wii U

    Wii Party U – Wii U
    Family members often search for the game that has multiple mini games.I suggest you to must play amazing Wii Party U, which lets you to have fun by playing a collection of mini games. There are mini challenges and tasks in the game that lets you to use Nintendo’s controllers in the diverse ways. Quick play modes make this game very exciting. Families love to play Wii Party U as they get a chance to meet some board game challenges. Baseball and Table Football are gamepad table-top style challenges that make this game very attractive for the players.

    2. Disney Infinity – 360, PS3, Wii U

    Family members love to play this game that has different toys with diverse powers and abilities. This game has amazing play world, interesting adventures, and quality of physical toys. Family obsession for this game increase when they move to its next levels. Every adventure is exciting and full of fun. This game attracts every member of your family toward it as it combines different toy characters.

    1.Lego City Under Cover :Wii U

    Lego City Under Cover Wii U
    It is among the best video console games for the families. According to me, families love to play this game as there is a link between kids Lego original toys and Lego characters in the game. Kids imagine a world of Lego when they play with Lego toys in their rooms. They can take an entry into this imaginative world through this game. Though it is not very fast game like GTA but its slow story lines and great challenges make it very appealing for the families.