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  • Top 5 fashion apps for Organizing Your Closet

    If you are among those people who often have to dig through your closet then it is advisable to get help from some fashion applications,which make it simple for you to organize your closet with great ease and comfort. You can upgrade your wardrobe or add some more style into your personality via such applications. It’s time to have a look at top 5 fashion applications that help you all in managing and organizing your wardrobe.



    When you want to create a wonderful digital closet then you can get help from this application.It would be very simple for you to make different categories of your existing outfits. Before you buy anything, you can check what you have already. It is among the simplest fashion applications that you can try. User find it easy to categorize their outfits in this app.



    Sometimes, you find it difficult to decide what to buy and what to skip. Before you get anything, just capture a photo and then get it on Pose. Other users will be able to comment on your photo, you can get second opinion from different users. You can upload photos of different items that you want to purchase in upcoming months. In addition, you can have a list of items already available in wardrobe. Just after you signup, there would be a short survey for filling. Basic purpose of filling this survey is to identify your personal profile and to match with other similar profiles that you can follow. Mobile application of pose is more attractive than actual website.



    This application makes it simple for the users to pick best, new and unique color combination for your closet. You can easily categorize your clothes by pattern, brand and color. Sometimes, you don’t know whether you have an outfit or not then you can get help from this application to check already available color, design and brand. This fashion application comes with “Today In Fashion History” tip , so you can grab complete information about latest style trends.

    4.Walk In My Closet

    Walk In My Closet

    This application lets you do shopping and closet organization side by side. If you like something during your internet browsing, you can add item to your wishlist. You can tell others what you wish to buy and what you don’t want to buy. There is Moodboard makes it simple for you to tag all inspiring looks from other Walk in My Closet looks and fashion experts.



    Want to become an instant stylist? It becomes easy for you with the mean of WiShi.This new websites lets you to bring fashion and social media together. One user can help other users in style through this application. WiShi Cam application lets you upload images of clothes in a very quick way. This application offers great social engagement.