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  • Top 5 4K TV in the World

    We all want to purchase Ultra HD 4K TV as it’s indeed a fun to watch movies and videos on it. Although 4K TV isn’t available for purchase commercially yet we will get one such device soon for our living room. Price of first generation 4K Ultra HD TV was very high but second generation brought some new innovation and technologies.

    1. Toshiba 58L9363

    Toshiba 58L9363

    It is a 4K TV that bring revolution in the TV industry. With the launch of Toshiba  58L9363, we come to know that an Ultra HD TV could be affordable; price tag of this TV is £2,999. It is perfect competitor of LG, Samsung and Sony. Actually, price of these three TVs dropped down due to Toshiba Ultra HD TV’ release.This TV uses Active Shutter 3D system and has a 3840×2160 resolution.Cloud TV is a smart TV option that isn’t very great that you can see in its competitors. However, this TV has CEVO 4k engine upscales HD-to-4k , so you are able to have eight million pixels in your TV lounge.

    2.LG 55LA970W

    LG 55LA970W

    LG is among those companies best features in the TV as it has 4K panels with extremely good quality beef-up-audio and Cinema 3D. This 55inch 55-inch 55LA970W TV is priced at £3,299. It has an attractive drop-down 50W-rated Sliding Speakers. Speakers with rear subwoofer let you to enjoy high quality videos. Other features of this TV includes LG’s own NANO Full LED backlighting and a Tru-ULTRA HD Engine for upscaling SD and HD to UD quality. You would love to watch videos and drama series on LG Cinema 3D ‘passive’ 3D system.

    3.Samsung UE55F9000

    Samsung UE55F9000

    If you want eight million pixels with Active Shutter 3DTV then you need to knock at the door of Samsung. This company offers UE55F9000 with a price tag of £3,299. This TV has an amazing level of resolution. You can enjoy optimal clarity and vividness on display. It is featured with dimming tech that lets you to enjoy great color contrast. This slimmest ultra HD has standard edge LED lighting system


    4.Sony KD-55X9000A

    Sony KD-55X9000A

    This wide and nice looking 55 inch Sony TV lets you to enjoy most required high quality sound with high resolution movies. It is priced at 3,300. Sony 4K TV is featured with built-in side-mounted Magnetic Fluid speakers along with two subwoofers. It lets you to enjoy amazing passive 3D specs.


    5.Philips 65PFL9708

    Philips 65PFL9708

    Philips always do something different for its customers. This TV is featured with 65 inch display and Philips’ own Ultra Pixel HD Engine. It is feature with a HEXCore processor that allows you to enjoy clear and vivid display. It is priced at £4,500.