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  • Top 5 Social Networking Apps for Android

    These days, we all want to remain connected with our friends and colleagues with the mean of social media. When it comes to social media, we usually give preference to Facebook, which is champion. People love to update their status time to time on Facebook just to keep their friends informed what they are doing actually.Status update is not a single exciting thing, photo sharing, commenting, video uploading and sharing are other wonderful features associated with Facebook. After it, people usually update their Twitter accounts with recent happenings and changes. If you are using android and want to know about best social media application then I would like to give you a chance to dig into a list of Top 5 social networking applications for Android.

    1.Facebook Home

    Facebook Home

    With the mean of this application, you are able to bring all important Facebook content to the front of your phone. You are able to customize your photos and posts from Facebook via this application. Cover Feed lets you browse photos not only from Facebook but also from Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. You can do this browsing right from your Lock screen. You are free to customize your wallpaper with your own personal photos. Application launcher makes it easy for you to access and open your favorite applications quickly.



    If you are crazy about Twitter then simply this application is perfect for you.It lets you a chance to use Twitter in a new and exciting way. You are able to add colors into your timelines and friends. This application support multiple twitter accounts. You can see your Twitter timeline on home page by getting help from scrollable widgets. You are free to mute twitter applications, words and users whenever you like. You can view picture in timeline or also enjoy pinch to zoom features. Other amazing features of this application are swipe scrolling, twitter geo-tagging,live streaming in app, internal browser, auto complete name and hastags, etc.

    3.Facebook Messenger

    .Facebook Messenger
    If you don’t want to leave your friends and buddies then you simply need Facebook messenger. This application allows you to check your messages without opening Facebook. This messaging service could be availed through mobile data plan, you don’t to pay for every message you send. Chatting with buddies on the move is made possible via this application. You are free to send photos privately. Chat heads lets you to stick with conversation. You are able to make free calls to friends who are living in other countries. You can share photos, stickers and even your location with the buddies. When you don’t want to communicate, you simply need to turn off notifications.


    When you need both Facebook and Twitter at one place, you simply go for this android application. You can manage both social networks at one place through this application. You are free to update and view Twitter and Facebook accounts side by side. You can share photos, locations, videos and messages in a quick manner. Android shortcuts let you check your @ Replies and look at feeds of your Facebook pages.



    The people who want to manage multiple social network such as Facebook,Twitter, Forsquare,LinkedIn and more with the mean of one application should try HootSuite.You