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  • Top 5 music apps for android Smartphones and Tab

    If music is your passion then you simply need the best music application that can satisfy your music thirst. An android smartphone user is in a position to enjoy a wide variety of music streaming application. Almost every application makes it simple for the users to share favorite music on social media, store your tracks on cloud storage, get access to traditional radio station and have an exciting personalized radio system. In case you don’t want to dive into Music Sea then it is good to pick one out of five best music applications for your Android device.

    1.Google Play Music

    If you are looking for a music application that can offer you all you need is Google Play Music. This application offers easy to use interface and innovative music browser. It isnever be hard for you to find your favorite track. It is quite easy for the users to keep their favorite tracks offline.It wouldn’t be difficult to instantly mix different tracks to grab a new and exciting one for you.

    2.Amazon MP3

    Features of this application are exactly alike with Google Play. However, you can get access to those music tracks that you have purchased on Amazon or uploaded already. You can upload 250 songs for free on Amazon cloud but if you want to have access to 250,000 then you need to get subscription of Cloud Player Premium.

    3.Tune-In Radio

    I think it is one of the amazing music radio applications that add utmost entertainment into your life. You can quickly browse the collection of 70,000 live radio stations and 2 million podcasts, concerts and shows. This application brings easy-to-use interface so you can add as many stations as you want into it. This application is directly integrated with tunein.com. In case you are already using Tunein.com,it would be very easy for you access all your favorites on your android device.


    It is among the most exciting online music streaming applications.This application combines features of different applications and music services. This application has imitate some features of Pandora as it lets you to create stations and to browse broad online music library.This application is integrated with Facebook, so it would be easy for your friends what you are listening to.If you go for premium spotify service, you can easily skip annoying adds.In addition,you can sync playlists and tracks to different device effortlessly.


    If you are looking for free music streaming option then you simply need to check Pandora. You need to type song name or artist into a browser, and then you can find what you like. This application offers best match song for your search.However, you may have to skip a Coldplay song or two sometimes.