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  • Top 5 Best Camera Smartphones

    These days, we all are quite concerned about camera of a smartphone. Actually, we are ready to share an event or instance which can be regarded the best. Craziness of Facebook and instagram push guys and girls to update their status with a photo of place where they are going or doing something special. When people visit an electronic store for purchasing mobile phone, they ask not only about latest hardware but also camera features and functions from sale person.A high resolution camera with worthy feature is considered essential nowadays. This year, we saw launch of many smartphone that brought quality camera. However, I would like to provide you details of top 5 best camera smartphones.

    1.HTC One

    HTC One
    When it comes to quality and performance then HTC smartphones secure top position. HTC One bring a 4MP camera sensor for the users but don’t take this camera very light.In reality, it brings larger pixels than other snappers just to make your picture vivid, brilliant and wonderful. An image that you get via this device would surely be far better than other high resolution camera smartphones.

    2.Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
    Samsung Galaxy series smartphones are popular around the world. When it comes to the best camera then we generally hear name of Galaxy S4 Zoom. It is android smartphone that is basically designed for the amateur photographer. This smartphone is featured with point-to-shoot backside illuminated camera,this camera sensor is slightly bigger than other smartphones’ camera. A 16MP camera allows you to have a 10X zoom just to get a wonderful picture. There is Auto Mode that provides best settings for your shoot. You ca also change setting in advance setting options. As it is basically a camera phone, you are able to get a wide variety of camera modes. Some exciting features of this smartphone camera are optical image stabilization, an autofocus assist lamp, and Xenon flash.

    3.Sony Xperia Z1

    Sony Xperia Z1
    This smartphone lets you to have an image with great clarity through its 20MP. This camera has a 1/2.3in sensor and a G lens with 27mm wide angle. Interestingly, this smartphone capture good pictures even in low light environment. Though smartphone has a 20MP camera but its camera application is set to 8MP photos.However, if you want more data and clarity, you can switch to manual mode and thus you can get a 20MP photo. You just need to make some settings such as changing white balance and ISO before you capture image with 20MP.TimeShift Burst is a wonderful feature of Xperia Z1 as you can get 61 images only in two seconds.

    4.Samsung Galaxy S4

    Samsung Galaxy S4
    S4 lets you to start getting wonderful pictures with a 13MP sensor. If you don’t want to make settings you can switch to Auto mode. There is an HDR model which helps you make improvements in light and quality levels of your picture. Camera application of S4 brings different models such as Drama Shot, Eraser mode and Beauty Shot.

    5.iPhone 5s

    iPhone 5s
    Last but not the least, iPhone 5S comes with an 8MP camera that allows you to have stunning snaps in low light conditions. It has auto image stabilization, and a dual-LED flash i.e. white and amber. There are two amazing features are added in this iPhone 5S camera: burst model and Slo-mo video. You can take around 10 frames per seconds when you turn on burst mode. Slo-mo videos lets you to record videos in 120fps.