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  • What you need to know about Google Smart Watch?

    What you need to know about Google Smart Watch?
    These days, all smart watches that you wear are running on Google’s Android operating system. Apple iWatch is in rumors and this smart watch won’t support android OS but it will be running on iOS. It in also in the rumors that Google is working on a Nexus Smart watch and this rumor was spreading on web from last year. If you have a desire to get some information related to this smart watch then surely you can find info here.
    Hardware and Design
    Google filed a patent for smart watch in 2011; this patent demonstrated that this device will have a wristband, a base, and a flip-up display. However, we didn’t hear about this patent until early 2013 when we heard from Financial Times that Google’s android division is working on a smart watch. However, this device information was somehow true but X Lab was working on Google Glass, which launched last year. In may 2013, another patent detailed emerged. This time wearable device had touchpad’s built into the wrist band.These touchpad’s allow users to touch and scroll around the screen and no doubt, this model would be really amazing.
    Next important thing to know about Google smart watch is its operating system. Android OS can be run on devices that have screen larger than 1.5 inches. Google latest operating system Android 4.4 Ki Kat can be run on all kinds of hardware. There is a chance that Google upcoming Nexus watch will compatible with Ki Kat. On the other hand, you may be able to see software that is already available on Google Glass.
    We also heard the rumors that Google Smartwatch will be fully integrated with Google Now. So, it’s possible that you would be able to operate watch via voice control. It may also display standard notification that you can also see on other kinds of smart watches.Google Smartwatch 3_original
    Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo but it’s good to know that if Google has some projects in process then they will be continued. There are rumors that Motorola has strong ambitions in the wearable zone. There is a possibility that Google join Motorola and make a Nexus Smartwatch. For your information, Motorola promoted a senior director level job for its “New world class wearable design group”. However, this job was removed just after its worldwide promotion. There is a blogger “Taylor Wimberly” who said that Motorola watch will be known as “Moto xWatch” or it may be released along with Moto X phone.
    Codename Gem
    According to Wall Street Journal’s report in October 2013, Google’s smartwatch was just a moments away from its production line as firm was busy in talk with suppliers. This watch might run Android and would support Google Now’s clever prediction system only to offer quick information to its wearer. At this time, Google is trying to boost up value of watch and to minimize its dependency on charger. According to Android Police, Google’s smart watch could have a codename “Gem” and Google might launch it alongside Android 4.4 KiKat; but this rumor spread in last October.
    At present, Google is facing challenges of Google Glass and firm might have kept its Smartwatch project aside. Let’s see when we will be able to get a really smartwatch from Google. No doubt, it will be as amazing as Google glass is.