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  • Samsung is planning for Galaxy Glasses and a fingerprint sensor for Galaxy S5

    Samsung is planning for Galaxy Glasses and a fingerprint sensor for Galaxy S5
    Samsung is always ready to rigorously compete with their competitors. Just know we heard about two mega plans of Samsung.One plan is to compete with Google Glass technology through Samsung own “Galaxy Glasses” and second plan is to integrate finger print sensor into upcoming Galaxy S5. Let’s dig into the details of both plans.

    According to Korean Times, Samsung has started working on its “Smart Glass” which will be launched to take on Google. As you know,Samsung is the first company to come with a smart watch and how it can remain away from Smart eyewear , especially when there is enormous demand of this product in the market.
    Samsung Official Said to Korean Times, market for smart eyewear is huge, so they are planning for smart eyewear. Official said, “It will be used in trucks, cars and has a greater impact on related industries such as glass- and coatings-makers.”
    At present, Company is dedicatedly working on its smart glass that will name as “Galaxy Glass” and there is a plan to launch this smart product at IFA major trade show in Berlin on September,2014.
    If we talk about Google Glass, then it’s quite unclear when exactly this smart eyewear of search giant will be available on general sale. At present, this device is available only for developers who need to pay $1500 for getting it. The search firm is also working with the developers for creating applications for making the most from the smart eye-wear. In addition, it is tweaking its own products such as Google maps, Gmail, etc in Google Glass.Galaxy_Glass_625-590x330
    Now it’s time to have a look at second plan of Samsung and it is to add Touch ID into upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. This feature is available in iPhone 5S and no doubt, it is a very amazing feature, which a Galaxy smartphone must have. Samsung officials didn’t say any word on this plan but it is a Chinese Analysts who predicted this feature for Galaxy S5. KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has a good and solid record of predicing features for upcoming smartphone. He also predicted Track ID feature for iPhone 5S. Apple Insider obtained a research note from him in which he writes,”Fingerprint is necessary for a star model.Even (if it) is not as mature as the iPhone 5S’s.”
    Kuo believes that there is a great pressure on Samsung as iPhone 5S and HTC one Mx has finger print sensor feature in them. It is good to know that company was searching for iris-scanning security technology earlier this month, mentioned by Samsung Executive.
    It is also said by Kuo that Samsung might not working on 64-bit processor just like Apple but Galaxy S5 will bring 32-bit hardware from Qualcomm or Exynos instead. He also reconfirmed that there would be a standard and premium edition of Galaxy S5 but he didn’t back up rumor of metal body Galaxy S5.

    Would you like to buy Samsung Galaxy eye wear? Do you want fingerprint sensor in your Galaxy S5? Don’t hesitate to share with us.