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  • Google Adsense Direct Launched for kick starting Direct Ads selling

    Google Adsense Direct Launched for kick starting Direct Ads selling
    Google recently launched Adsense Direct that is a new tool for publishers. With the help of this tool, they small publishers are able to sell ads directly. There are some publishers who aren’t very large and they often avoid Adsense because they don’t want to deal with complexities of Double Click for Publishers. With the launch of this tool, Google has started directed competition with other direct ads selling services such as iSocket, Buy Sell Ads and others. It is the first time that Google is taking interest in advertising business for small publishers. This tool will completely work on manual basis, quite opposite to Google Adsense that displays ads on a given site based on content of the site and specific reader’s interests, defined by Google.
    At this moment AdSense Direct is currently only available in the U.S. Google has a plant to expand this services to other countries in the upcoming month. Publishers of USA are free to make deals with individual advertisers, they don’t need to be the users of AdWords.They only need to send an Adsense direct page link to advertisers after uploading pay and creative for ads. Google will deduct its 15 percent commission from AdSense Direct transactions. Your invoice and billing will be gone through Google Wallet.images
    It is good to know that there are no upper/ lower limits for number of impressions. Advertisers are able to buy space on Publisher’s website for a day or more. However, a campaign can not be exceeded from 90 days.
    Publishers can see this tool as a way of generating more profit for their websites. They would be able to charge more from advertisers when their sites will become famous. There is a possibility that they would be able to get more return what they normally get from basic AdSense ads.
    You are able to get three main benefits from Google Adsense Direct. Here are these:
    Publisher can enjoy maximize revenue from this tool. You can get revenue from direct sales. If your contract ends then space would be automatically filled with basic adsense ads; that’s mean revenue could be attained from direct sales and adsense basic ads. You get good control as you and Google will review all ads before they appear on your site. You get payment for your ads for sure as Google is involved in Google Direct Ads transactions. You can save your time as all invoicing and billing will be done through Google Wallet.
    Let’s see how this new tool helps developers and advertisers. No doubt, it is a good tool for small publishers and advertisers as they can deal with each other at an authenticated platform.