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  • Facebook “Paper” is Available for Download on iPhone

    Facebook “Paper” is Available for Download on iPhone
    Facebook is going to celebrate its 10th birthday on 4 Februaury,2014 and before blowing off candle, it would like to present a gift of “Paper” to its iPhone users. Facebook was a dorm room concept website that required Harvard.edu email address to get access. In 10 years, this simple concept turned into $150billion capitalization. Facebook has become the world’s second most-visited website.
    Paper is Facebook with a new name. You may call it a Facebook with extra special features, in a beautiful shell and with some super power. This application has a two major features that make it quite attractive. First of all, Paper has News Feed with stunning graphics. You are able to see full-screen photos, videos and content with attractive graphics. Application has pretty status updates and links. News-Feed is a way of showing the new content on Facebook.
    Second important feature of Face book’s Paper application will be its “Stories”. You would be able to discover latest happenings around the globe in a stunning way. Stories will include content from your friends, newspaper front pages and different videos accounts. These stories will be sorted to make it possible for you to explore your desirable stories as quickly as you can. Stories feature of Paper may look similar with Flip board but what makes Paper different from this digital magazine application is the inclusion of Friend’s content.
    Paper makes it easy for you to post your status, own stories or photos to the Facebook. This posting will be different from the posting you done through Facebook as it will have full focus on presentation.Facebook “Paper” is Available for Download on iPhone
    Lead designer of Paper, Mike Matas said, “As you start changing the way you’re displaying this content, we hope that it will change the way people think about posting content.”
    Paper is certainly an application that will push other social networks to pull some similar application for the mobile users. This application will give the competitors another platform to compete for.
    Paper will change the way how people use the Facebook. It will let the Facebook become nicer and shiner than other social network. This graphical changes and pretty presentation of Facebook definitely encourage the users to stay more time on this platform than before. They would be able to explore the world and friend’s stories in visually appealing environment.
    Let’s see what iPhone users will say about Paper, which is available for download now.