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  • Top 5 Best Android Apps for Business

    Top 5 Best Android Apps for Business
    Every person who is related to either small or large business often has to work hard. He has to handle different documents and worksheets. Having business application on desktop is indeed a convenient option but now you can add more comfort into life by installing business application on your smartphone. It’s time to rely more on your tiny pocket computer device i.e. smartphone than to desktop PC. Today, I would provide you details of 5 useful and the best android applications for business.
    1.Quick Office
    It is a fact that when you start exploring mobile office solution, you get tons of results in Google Play store. However, You need to pick Quick Office for your android smartphone without any doubt. This application is available for download in store free of cost. This application has more features and more compatibility than other applications. You can view and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the move. Good thing about this application is that it lets you to insert images, charts, table and other complex elements into the document. As this application is compatible with Microsoft office then you can easily switch from smartphone to desktop.Top 5 Best Android Apps for Business
    2. Google Drive
    Google Drive is a cloud storage platform of Google. You can create, edit, and save documents, spreadsheets, and other files on cloud and then can access all documents from any device such as tablets, PC,smartphones, etc. You must have Google drive application installed on all devices, if you need ready access to your docs. This business application lets you save your phone memory. You can download it from Play Store for free.
    3. Microsoft Remote Desktop
    It is indeed a worthy application for small business owners. They can get access to their Microsoft word and Excel documents not only from Desktop but also from smartphones. After installing Microsoft Remote Desktop application on android smartphone, you get a privilege to access full desktop versions of excel and word files for editing and viewing from any part of the world.
    4. Ever note
    Want to manage small business tasks in a simple way? It will be possible through Ever note. You need this application for creating to-do-lists, entering notes, dictating important things and snap photos. Your notes get indexed automatically, so you can search them from any device. It is also available free on Google Play store.
    5. Cloud Print
    Google Cloud Print lets you to print documents or contents of some page right from your smartphone. When you have this application, you don’t need to transfer documents from mobile phones to desktop PC.

    It is a fact that when you start using these business applications on smartphone, you would find some ease and comfort in your routine work.