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  • Google is joining hand with NVIDIA and car companies for Android connected cars

    Google is planning to fix android on wheels and these days Electronic giant is busy in signing partnership agreements with NVIDIA and other car companies. Today, Google made an announcement then they are talking with top car manufacturers. Their plan is to use android for connecting smartphone with cars. Google has just come with Open Automotive Alliance that includes a collection of automakers and contributing companies just to build a well-connected car. OAA has signed by Audi, General Motors, Honda, and Hyundai, it clearly means that other sub brands will also enjoy an integration with android.Google is joining hand with NVIDIA and car companies for Android connected cars
    The OAA is followed by Open Handset Alliance, which comes with an idea that companies will join hand to develop some standard products with great flexibility just to fit their basic requirements.NVIDIA will offer chipset for board while OAA members will offer a helping hand to developers who will develop some beneficial android application for the drivers and thereby limit distraction.
    According to OAA website, “Drivers are already trying to access mobile services while they’re on the road, but in ways that aren’t always seamless or safe. By working with automakers to deliver these experiences in ways that make sense for the automobile, drivers can get what they’re looking for without disrupting their focus on the road.”
    If you are concerned about release date of Android-connected car then this car is expected to launch by the end of 2014.The goal behind this Google Android project is to offer not only pair the phone with car’s entertainment system but also to have some application that allow car to get connected directly with web and offer viable features.Idea of car and phone connectivity is though very old but this idea will be revamped through Google partnership with major and renowned car manufacturers.