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  • Google Glass Helps Solar Panel Technician in the California Sun

    Google Glass Helps Solar Panel Technician in the California SunGoogle Glass Helps Solar Panel Technician in the California Sun
    After the launch of Google Glass, we heard many negative comments about this product. Many people believe that this tech creation of Google is simply fascinating and you can’t use it in practical world. This computerized eye wear might not change the way we all work in our routine life. Though many people are against this fascinating tech eyewear of Google but few people are considering it somehow practical and useful. Michael Chagala
    is also among those few people who believe that Google Glass is going to rock the world.

    Sullivan Solar Power’s IT director, Michael Chagala has a positive perspective for Google Glass. He gave this tech eye wear to field technicians who have to install solar panels atop of Southern California’s homes and business houses. He revealed that every building is unique and different, when it comes to settings of solar panels. There are different aspects to consider before installation. Technicians always want a quick access to whole specifications and plan that highlight every single step of installation. In the past, they had to carry three-ring binders onto roof. However, it was difficult to handle these binders especially when wind blows the pages away. Technicians also carried laptop onto roof but they felt it hard to use it under sun. There are some other problems that push them to switch to Google Glass. Now when technicians wear Google Glass they are free to go through required documents and then to start installation process. Interestingly, they can check docs via their eyes, their hands remain free during this process.They simply need to tap glasses for moving one document to next.
    “When you have someone on a roof, safety is your primary concern,” Chagala says. “Having both hands free is significant.”
    No doubt, Google Glass has some sort of problems and short comings but it also comes with benefits. It will serve well the people with autism and other disabilities. It is good to know that Tech outfits are creating Google applications for corporate workers. Right now, Sullvian Solar made it clear that how Google Glass is useful and beneficial for blue collar work.
    Chagala and its tech team created and designed a custom Glass application that let the user to enter into a database includes customer information, job sites details and company’s part and equipments information. Interestingly, a field worker is free to transmit live video of installation site to their office team for getting some feedback. He can call headquarters, if he has some questions or confusion.
    Chagala started working on this idea a year ago when he got his first Google Glass from eBay.He says, “We started development on the app before we even got the device.”Right now company has only one pair of Glass that they have to share among tech crew but they will get more when Google increases distribution.
    It was not really easy for Chagala and company to create a custom application for Google Glass.
    “It’s really hard to fit all this info onto such a small screen.There are established design patterns for a mobile phone app, such as where to put different buttons, but none of those patterns pre-exist for Google Glass. You sort of have to use your own judgement in how it will be used.”. “I’m confident that there will be measurable benefits, but it’s a little early to quantify,” Chagala says. “Feedback from field technicians has been very positive.”
    Chagala says that other company’s departments are also trying to make the most from Google Glass. There is a possibility that they will use this tech eyewear as a training tool for new employee. At present, Glass is helping solar panel technicians but Chagala believes to use it in some other departments as well.
    Google Glass’ practical use in a solar panel company is indeed tremendous. We have to see how this digital eyewear facilitates more people and industries in future.