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  • Samsung is close to Signing Galaxy Device Deal with FBI

    According to Reuters, Samsung is close to signing a deal of selling its world famous galaxy line devices to FBA (Federal Bureau of Investigation). If this report is true then no doubt, Samsung will enjoy a boost. As you know, Samsung always want to serve government agencies since this market is always being offered by BlackBerry Ltd. The FBI has around 35,000 employees and these days, they are using BlackBerry devices.However, FBI didn’t mention anything about the replacement of Blackberry devices with Samsung. There is a possibility that FBI use hardware from Blackberry and Samsung side by side.

    When question regarding this deal is asked from FBI then a spokeswoman declined on the matter. They are considering different smartphones and it is nothing but a part of an active acquisition process.The report of Samsung Galaxy device deal was first give by Wall Street Journal late on Thursday. It is mentioned in the report that Samsung is signing a small order of its galaxy lines devices with US Navy.When confirmation of this matter is being taken from BlackBerry and Samsung then representatives of both companies declined to leave any comment. BlackBerry considered its operating system the best in terms of security features in the market.
    “The security of mobile devices is more important now than it has ever been before,” BlackBerry’s chief legal officer, Steve Zipperstein, said in an interview. “It is fair to ask why in this context anyone would consider moving from the gold standard in security, which is the BlackBerry platform.”It is good to know that US Pentagon gave clear certificate to Samsung Android devices and a BlackBerry devices that run on BB10 Operating system.Samsung is using its all means to convince government agencies and corporate client to trust on Samsung galaxy Devices that are powered by android OS. Samsung said that these devices could meet all kinds of security requirements. Samsung is pushing hard because company knows that FBI clearance will open door of success, other security conscious company such as banks or laws will surely prefer Samsung products over other smartphones in the market.

    Although Samsung claimed that its devices can meet up all kinds of security requirements but analysts are still dubious. You may surprise to know that FBI also highlight many vulnerabilities of android operating system. Check the details below:
    “The Android operating system hasn’t been secured properly,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst with Enderle Group, noting that Samsung has layered technology on top of the operating system in an attempt to make its Galaxy devices safer.
    “If you are going to tackle security, you kind of have to do it throughout the entire platform. It’s not that Samsung doesn’t want to – it is that they don’t own the operating system so they cannot,” said Enderle. “If you’re going to sell into government, you have to be able to provide a secure solution and Android isn’t it yet.”
    According to Enderle and other analysts, Android security is not fully managed by a single entity, this issue may create more vulnerabilities.
    At one end, FBI is busy is selecting another mobile platform for its company; at another end, this selection process is considered as a new in the political circles of US.
    “I understand that the FBI may be considering a new solution that is a patchwork of technologies stitched together,” US Representative Keny Marchant said in the letter “I am concerned that this approach may prove to be more costly than other alternatives.”