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  • Offer Street-View Style Panoramic Imagery of Business to via Google “Business Photo”

    We have already enjoyed a mind blowing Street View technology that makes it simple for us to virtually explore the street with the help of a series of 360 images. Now you should be ready for 360 view of a business house as Google has added one new tool:Business Photos. This tool makes it easy for you to walk inside the business to see how it looks like. It is an amazing tool that allows the customers to see the business and no doubt, it is beneficial for both businesses and perspective customers. Customers canenjoy a virtual tour of a business and businesses can attract many customers toward their offerings free of cost.

    Business  Photo

    After the launch of Google Business Photos, a number of businesses have made the most from this tool. The businesses that have used these tools are gyms, restaurants, stores, salons, retail locations and many more. Interestingly, many non-profit organizations such as museum and churches have also updated their inside view. Saratoga National golf
    Club is also a business the pictures of which are available in Google business photos. The reason behind launching Business Photo is to provide every business a chance to offer great exploration experience to his customers.
    In case you also want to display your business on Google photos then you need to hire a professional and trusted photographer who is fully train to capture optimized images.

    Google has special requirements for the photographer. You need to pay a modest fee to professional, fully trained and expert photographer. The price starts from $360 but it varies by project size, photographer and region. However, Google charges nothing. Jim Hilker is a trained photographer who is working on the business photos project.
    According to him, when he took this project then major obstacle is that people don’t have any idea what exactly Google Business photo is. “it’s really not named very accurately. Businesses don’t know what that means. It’s really Street View indoors — people hear the name and wonder what it is.” He ends up spending a lot of time explaining to businesses what exactly the service is; “once they hear it is Street View but inside, they are ecstatic.”

    A number of businesses like this service and they start working on a street view style Panoramic imagery for their customers. Colleges and universities are among those businesses that rush toward this tool. According to Hilker ,“this is the most cost effective way for them to show every single building on campus to prospective students.”In case you want to show your business to the worldwide perspective customers then it is time to sign up. You are able to find complete information of registration on http://www.google.com/help/maps/businessphotos/faq.html. For getting started, you need to pick a trusted photographer or agency, schedule your business photo shoot and at the end

    you will find your business photos online. You can find a list of trusted photographers on the website. If you are a photographer with good experience and expertise then you can also become a trusted photographer by applying for a position.