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  • New Update of Facebook Home For Android : Organize Apps in Folder

    Facebook home is a suite of social networking software that takes over home and lock screen on an android device. There are many android users who criticize this new application since it not only take over their home and lock screen but it also prevent them accessing their favorite apps. However, this problem has been solved by Facebook through a new update that brings folders in Facebook home. This new update was released on Monday as it was in the testing phase.

    Facebook Home For Android
    Folder in Facebook home is a tool that allows the users to organize their application in a better way than before. Now your task is to grab application on the top of another in a folder. You can give folder a name or also can move it at any place. This folder is also available in person’s application drawer just to make it easy for the users to access their application in a quick way.
    “An improved launcher is the most requested item Facebook has received since the launch of Home, and the team continues to make updates to Home in order to provide consumers with the best experience,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNET. “For example, last month, Facebook added a dock to the Home launcher and the team is currently working on widget support that will put Home’s launcher on par with stock Android launchers.”
    Folder is not single feature that comes with Facebook for android beta update but it brings another good feature. If you like some news story then you can share it ith your buddies in private messages. You are free to open chats or bookmarks by swiping left or right.
    Last month, Facebook added Favorite tray to Home. This favorite tray allows users to keep their most favorite application on the home screen. This tray offers you a quick way of accessing your most frequently used application. When you keep your application on this tray then you don’t need to look into your phone or browser for finding any application. This new update is better than favorite tray since it allows the consumer to use an application but also to organize it.
    If you are using Facebook Home on your android device then it’s time to get new update from Google play and give this new feature a try. Don’t forget to share your experience with us once you have employed this update.