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  • Is Apple Planning a Terminator Like iPhone

    Last month, we heard that Apple users aren’t very satisfied with the features of iPhone 5, they wanted something big, innovative and unique. It seems that Apple took that demand seriously as Cupertino based company is planning to launch Terminator like iPhone. Apple is going to integrate biometric technology in its iOS based devices, there is a possibility that Apple launch Mac with fingerprint security technology. Actually, Apple filed a patent application in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on 17 January. This patent application was published on Thursday by USPTO. This application clears that how iPhone display could be worked as a fingerprint sensor, just to enhance data and files security.

    The patent explains a technology that brings a sensor, which will trace person finger and fingerprint just to make sure that only owner of device can get access to handset. You wil be given access to your device only when you have proper credentials. Biometric technology is not new though Apple will be the first to integrate it with a cell phone.
    There are many corporations that have been using fingerprint sensors on their computers. User needs to keep finger on the sensor that scans the fingerprint; if fingerprints are perfectly matched with those that are stored in the computer database then access is granted, otherwise not.
    However, it is good to know that Apple technology is a little bit different from a technology that is being employed on computer. Apple doesn’t add any hardware sensor in the display instead it has added a patent application of biometric technology. When a person place his finger on a touch display then this application will analyze the fingers on a pixel by pixel process just to know whether it is matched with the owner’s prints or not.

    If this patent application gets approved then no doubt rivals of Apple will have to think about better and improved security features. Biometric technology is indeed very beneficial as it helps the users to enjoy the peace of mind as no one can access their private and confidential files. A tough competition may begin but Apple will be the pioneer of biometric technology’s integration in smartphone and laptops.
    At the end, you must keep in mind that Apple Patent application is not really new as the company filed many such application in past. However, none of these applications is available on any of Apple device. We just hope that Apple take this patent seriously and launch an iPhone with fingerprint technology.