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  • Three Factors Which Increase the Fame of Geo News

    Geo News is one of the best Pakistan News channels. This fan following of this channel is increasing with the passage of it. The people from Asia and Middle East like to watch this channel because from it they can get the information about current affairs of Pakistan. This channel broadcast programs and news in Urdu. There are three factors which increase the fame level of this channel.
    • Live Streaming of Geo News: There are some people who are unable to watch this channel in their territory and for the help of such people some websites started offering the Live Geo News streaming. So with the mean of this facility, one can easily get an idea about latest happening of Pakistan.
    • Latest News: The people of Pakistan are really concerned about political situation of this country so in order to get the information about politicians and their strategies, they watch Geo news. This channel telecast some informative talk shows and interviews for increasing the awareness in the residents of Pakistan.
    • 24/7 News Channel: This channel update the news 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, no gap in news and it is surely another factor which increase its popularity among the viewers.