Watch Non-stop News on Fox News Live


Fox News is an international news channel which broadcast the news of world 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You are able to watch non stop news on this channel. There are many things which enhance the value of Fox News channel among the viewer.

First thing which makes this channel a perfect choice for you is that you are free to watch the news of USA local and regional area on this channel. Whenever you have a desire to get an idea about the latest happening of USA then you only need to switch on your TV. In case you didn’t subscribe for this channel then don’t worry. Just turn on your PC and start enjoying the live streaming of Fox News.
For your information this live streaming facility is available to every person free of cost. So it is a wonderful opportunity for you. If you go for live streaming option then you are in a position to save your hard earned income.
On Fox news, you can watch talk shows which increase the awareness about a certain aspect in you. You can send the feedback or suggestion to the talk show’s anchor if you want. Another best thing on Fox news is the interviews of celebrities and higher authorities. The purpose of such interviews is to inform the viewer about such personalities.

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  1. Ferrarello says:

    Be nice if this thing worked half the time.

  2. Ferrarello says:

    Thanks for putting this Fox live feed on here. I don’t watch t.v. but like to watch one show on here. I appreciate it.

    • Lin says:

      Same with me, exactly, Ferrarello. I really appreciate getting to watch the debate without the usual lamestream media telling me how to think about what I saw

      • Sami says:

        Yes, much better to have Faux News tell you how to think, moron.

        • Bill says:

          Why is it Liberals resort to crude insults. Is that all they have? Hmmm… Yes, better turn on MSNBC for truly fair and balanced (read rabid) reporting…

          • Canuck says:

            You Yanks should take a good look at all your … so called news stations who look more like advocacy agencies… Independent and non partisan reporting has gone to hell in a hand basket a long time ago… In fact I am willing to predict that your so called super nation will shred it self if it continues on its present course of no bars hold political discourse.


          • Dean says:

            Hahaha. I hope Bill is watching Fox right now for his ‘fair and balanced’ reporting.

          • Bill says:

            Yes Dean, I am watching Fox News still and I am sad for our country. More of the same.

          • Dung says:

            While Fox does try to raise some good questions, they do it in such a manner, that it becomes tragically comic. Not good at all.

          • joe says:

            Plz we do have MSNBC.u can find it in categories

          • mick says:

            thats all they know bill…cant expect much from azombie

          • Kempite says:

            Beacause liberals are brainless douchebags who suffer from a case of irrversible hypocrisy and the inability to think for themselves or to establish concluysions based upon logic and reality. Liberals are the first to preach from the mountain top the need for tolerance and acceptance but they are the very least people in the world to tolerate a difference of opinion. In the liberal, bass ackwards mind, Fox is a threat for allowing both sides to offer opinions but MSNBC, NBC, ABC, PBS, CBC, CNBC, Current-TV and everyother mainstream media outlet can spew their socialist biases and outright lies are commendable news sources. And why? Because those liberal run operations help to promote the socialist agenda that the left wing socialist freaks and buffoons prefer.

          • Jessllii says:

            Yes, because we all know that Faux News is so Fair and Balanced. No, hyberbole here…. O’reilly, Coulter etc

          • Billy DAgs says:

            DITTO Bill. This Liberal diseased mindset is
            a definite threat to the longevity of the greatest
            Country on the face of the Earth.

          • Joseph Vaughn says:

            Well, I will say that out of all the news feeds, I would rather watch Fox News due to the fact that msnbc and abc and nbc does nothing about keeping us informed. They are all influenced by the liberals and not giving the true report. Fox news will tell is just how it is… Think about it, You never hear of another news person talk about how bad fox news is. They’re just jealous because fox is the largest watched news in the WORLD! Fox news, Keep informed!!!!!

          • Pete says:

            Have you ever seen a Libtard without an answer that hasn’t resorted to name calling and insults?

          • Joe McGee says:

            Yes you nailed it! we have 5 networks that lie to the people as bad as the Obama regime and Your networks are even worse

        • Another Bill says:

          To Sami, who likes to call people morons. I notice FOX almost always has both sides of every issue on all during the day, giving healthy debate. You certainly do not get that on NBC (the New Barack Channel) or ABC (the All Barack Channel) CBS (the Central Barack System) or CNN (the Clinton News Network). Fox has higher ratings than all the networks combined. there must be a reason for that. Fox has never been caught manufacturing news, as MSNBC and ABC has.

          • Sami says:

            FOX predicted a Romney win, against all polls to the contrary. They mislead their ignorant viewers.

          • Linda says:

            I sure do agree! Thank you Fox News! Sorry there are still so many who have been brainwashed with mainstream news reporting nonsense. It seems that quite a number of prople just go along with anything our president serves up- broad based big government ideas- and still no budget- dream on brother ( big brother) keep fiddling while Rome burns! These followers- Libs feel they know all and that no one else is capable of measuring up intellectually. This is an attitude which is due to the “standard” we are seeing set for us. -by President Obama- im feeling there is non accountability and a superior demeanor and more ‘same old -same old’ which continues to be heard ad-nauseum. I cannot watch much news of any nature on the other stations as it feels untrustworthy- and is usually very crude and rude, plus I don’t appreciate the ‘toadying’ to the liberal agenda!

          • Mark Espinola says:

            Well stated.
            With all of the Obamatrons voter fraud it is likely Rommney did indeed win, but the real truth will not be known until Barry is impeached.

          • Ado puis says:

            Are you kidding me. A network and group who see just side of all issues.They all ”fall in line” repeat the same talking points, unfair and unbalance, just complaints. FALSE NEWS

        • FoundingFather'sSon says:

          That SAMI – or as he is known on FB “FAT SAMI” is a disabled janitor from California who lives on the dole ever since he tripped over his own mop bucket. He has been pronounced “PITIFUL SAMI”. There’s nothing like a janitor’s “expertise” in political commentary. LOL

          • FoundingFather'sSon says:

            In credible studies (not biased liberal ones) Fox News Viewers are much, much better informed than Dimwitcats. Most Dimwitcats polled say they get their news primarily from COMEDY programs like Late Night & The Daily Show. Seriously, how can any Lib call any Conservative a ‘moron” with a straight face? Oh wait a minute! Libs don’t have straight faces. Toke up, Dudes! LMAO

          • Billy DAgs says:

            Hey you can lead a Sami to water but …….

        • charles says:

          try to be nice.

        • mignonette says:

          Faux News…he he. Either you really watch it, or you don’t and comment…..uh, like Rachel Maddow, Schults. O’Donnell and co. Yeah, you are a real “real thinker”.
          FYI, anyone can watch whatever they want and make up their own minds. Your news sources are so brown nosed up BO’s rear end that they are incapable of any reasonable analysis. No one in their right mind would believe anything thy report. God help us to stay free because your ilk hates free unless they agree with MSBC……barfing.

        • Joseph Vaughn says:

          Well Sir. Why in the love of God do you watch the wonderful Fox news if you think your being told how to think? If I didn’t like something, I wouldn’t be watching it. Turn if off. You have an off and on button just like the rest of us. Get a life and stop talking in ours. Stupid

        • Mel says:

          When your an idiot maybe you should believe what the news tells you, your the moron. At least the national news isnt up Obamas a-hole!

        • Joe Chill says:

          Sami, go listen to NPR. You left wing, close minded, Obama drone.

        • jorge says:

          So you can’t even come up with an original and just use a point the finger back.
          Liberals are so stupid it makes me want to puke down their throat right after pulling their ignorant heads off.
          They all are natural born liars, cheats, crooks and brain dead pot heads.

        • Lew says:

          You say Faux. However, as I have asked many times before. What story have they misrepresented? Please don’t give the ignorant answer “All of them”, or “too many to count”. If you really believe that, give me one story and where the facts were wrong. Watch for a while and give me a particular story, what show, date.

        • Anthony says:

          Sounds like you’re the moron here. I guess mommy and daddy just don’t give you enough attention. Why else would a mental midget like you (that obviously dislikes FOX News Channel) troll on a FOX News feed? How’s that whole “Obama” thing working out for you now? You are a douche with a capital BAG! I beat the shit out of idiots like you for fun. Don’t trip on your toys going down to your room in your parents’ basement.

    • Pete says:

      Here also.
      When we found this site we used it for a couple weeks.
      Then fired DirecTV. Fox News was about 90% the reason for having DTV. We have this and other streaming entertainment.
      The Fox News the same.
      The entertainment much much better than DirecTV.
      Saving $104.00 and having much better entertainment.

  3. Gene Badgley says:


  4. I appreciate the fox news channel it is very much appreciated

  5. William Arwood says:

    I really appreciate this service and especially Fox News as long as it lasts. All the other sites that carried Fox only had it for a short time and for whatever reason dropped it. What ever happens we have no room to complain for the price is right(free).

  6. ebagley says:

    Streaming fox news channel is greatly appreciated.

  7. Jim Beam says:

    Thanks for casting this channel. We don’t have cable and this is the only way we can see it.

  8. ace_amf says:

    Where’s the feed at?

  9. Ted Ebair says:

    Thanks for streaming this channel! We are in a rural area and don’t have cable, so this is the only way we can see this channel and laugh at Red Eye. Very much appreciated!

  10. Honest Liar says:

    I visit this page regularly to get my FOXNEWS fix. I am a poor slice of white bread and cannot afford a TV, let alone cable. Lately I have been clicking on the ads to show my appreciation to the host for keeping this live feed active. I suggest everyone who comes here do the same. Being annoyed for a few minutes is a very small price to pay. This channel is not easy to find online. Show your support. Cheers!

  11. gary says:

    I know it’s hard to keep fox online. Thanks

  12. Keith says:

    I like the HD broadcast, but I am tired of the popup ads that I have to close every 5 minutes, therefore I am quitting watching It is VERY annoying.

  13. Anonymous says:

    What browser do you use? If you’re using firefox, then download these 2 addons :
    1.) AdBlock Plus
    2.) Ghostery

    I have 0 ads on this site, none.

  14. Joseph says:

    Hey Baqi, the feed is terrible. Update it with a new feed.

  15. adam says:

    I love the quality of this stream but the constant refreshing is quite annoying. I think I’ll just get another cable box and sling it to my computer. Thanks for the try though. If you need help you have my email. I have never had a problem (streamed hockey games) and those games are 3 hours long.

  16. Ed says:

    I love Fox News Channel thank you for streaming it. Please make it reliable,intermittent isn’t good.

  17. thomas242007 says:

    Thank you for streaming fox news, i was wondering is there anyway you could add on a showtime stream to sometime in the future?

  18. Wallace says:

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  19. Michael says:

    Excellent. Works wonderfully . Thank you for this service.

  20. David says:

    Oh no! Fox News is not working. Please get it back for us. I love watch CNN and FOX.

  21. Pete says:

    This is a great alternative to the gouging of Time Warner Cable. I appreciate it whatever the quality.

    • PissedVeteran says:

      We fired DTV.
      $104.00 per month.
      Only real entertainment of value……………. Fox
      We now get our entertainment form sources like NetFlix and Amazon, VUDU etc.
      Streaming Movies for less than a paid movie on DTV.
      Many paid movies on DTV are absolutely free on one of the streaming services plus DTV thinks your supposed to watch commercials with everything.
      They are very abusive on the now illegal audio blasts during adds.
      I reported them to the FCC several times with the measured increases in volume measured not guessed at.
      Got letters of thanks from FCC. They pay attention due to my FCC professional license.

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  22. NursefromNY says:

    Fox News Channel is not working!

  23. David says:

    What’s wrong with the Fox News feed? Thanks so much!

  24. Zankou says:

    Thank you very much for providing FOX News…I have been looking around on the web for a stable and high quality fox news, and this site is definitely my favorite.
    cheers !!!

  25. David says:

    The Fox News feed is running about 10 minutes behind and is not live. Why is that?

  26. David says:

    Fox News is not working again. Please see if you can fix it. Thanks so much I really appreciate it.

  27. My phone says:

    Thanks for sharing nice information with us. i like your post and all you share with us is update and quite informative,thanks for sharing

  28. jef says:

    fuck shit sex check fuck

  29. baqi says:

    PLZ all my viewer we had some tech issue and channel are down we apologize for this inconvenience plz it ll be up soon thanks for your patient thanks again

  30. Tom says:

    WOw Stream is back , Love Fox News

  31. bill graydon says:

    Right on Baqi!!!!! FOX is Looking great…ur site ROCKS!!!! Any chance of adding CNN-International? That wud be most awesome. Cheers from Madison Wisconsin USA!!!!

  32. XaiLo says:

    Thanks Baqi for all the work in getting it back up and running! ;)

  33. David says:

    The Fox feed is a few minutes behind and it keeps stopping and starting. Does anyone else have that problem or is it just my computer? How do I fix it? Thanks.

  34. Janet Cross-Check says:

    Hello! THANKS SO MUCH! No job = no tv
    Curiously, the feed is sometimes up-to-the-moment,
    but both last night and tonight @ 2a Central time, there’s a MASSIVE LAG!
    As of this writing, it is 1:20 Central Time, so, 45 minutes behind.
    Last night, I refreshed for probably the 5th time, just in time
    for it to catch up and I missed 20 minutes of RedEye. Just
    mentioning this, in case you didn’t know. Thanks again for
    streaming this!

  35. Janet Cross-Check says:

    Ironically, my wifi signal/service is at it’s very strongest overnight

  36. Senior Viking says:

    Where’s da Fox?

  37. David says:

    What can you do about the program running behind? I tried refreshing and that does not help. Thanks.

  38. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the news feed, Baqi! Your efforts are much appreciated. I love Fox News!

  39. Ann says:

    Anyone else have problems with the video stopping and having to refresh the page alot??? Baqi tv have been doing this for about two weeks. Makes it almost impossible to watch.

  40. Janet Cross-Check says:

    Could it be that, like me, America’s OTHER 23 million un- & under-employed are blindsiding this site at 3am Eastern/2am Central to catch Red Eye for a chuckle? You’re doing God’s work!

  41. Steve Hudson says:

    I like the HD quality, but I’m REALLY tired of constant buffering. I eventually end of watching Fox on another site.

  42. David says:

    I love watching the news but the video player stops to buffer every 10-15 seconds and is very aggravating. Is there a fix to stop that? Also the program is about 10 to 15 minutes behind live broadcast. I guess with it being free I shouldn’t complain. Thanks.

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  43. Swooperman says:

    Fox News is the News. The only News. The only hope we have to save America. Chris Mathews shame on your mother.

  44. Janet Cross-Check says:

    From what I can discern, this feed only buffers madly during my beloved Red Eye..

  45. Marie says:

    Are the site admins aware that this channel is down and has been down for at least a couple of hours?

  46. james says:

    Please put up fox, I’m dying here. Thanks

  47. Mike L says:

    Yes, please put Fox News feed back up! Awesome site and thanks!

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  48. Senior Viking says:

    Hi, Administrator -

    We hope you’re able to return Fox to the lineup.
    We sure miss it. It’s the ONLY news that gives both sides to any issue. It’s not perfect, but it’s head and shoulders above ALL the so-called competition.

    Thanks for you service in bringing it to us.

  49. marty9957 says:

    I like this Fox feed. Sometimes all I have time for is an update on the current news. No commercials, no nonsense. This gives me exactly that. Thanks.

  50. Kyouri says:

    Thank you for streaming Fox News. Our local cable company has been having major area blackouts of (only) Fox News all across the state today/night. Thank you for this service.

  51. Tim Hunter says:

    Great quality video, too much buffering!

  52. swimz says:

    Your new video player is horrible!!! I’d rather have less quality and no lag than this stop and go junk.

  53. Eva Swartzbaugh says:

    Thanks Fox news for streaming live. We only have one TV on cable and I only watch news. Thank you also for being fair and balanced although I must say I rarely agree with your liberal panel members (smile)This is the way to get the truth. God bless your organization.

  54. Meinename says:

    Most of time it does not work.

  55. small business help toronto says:

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  56. Swooperman says:

    The ambassador did not die in vain. He saved us from 4 more yeas of not having a President in the White House. No more Clowns! That should be Romney’s slogan.

  57. Ann says:

    Fox down again???

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  58. Billy says:

    what else is new??? This used to be a fairly reliable site but the last couple of months it has just gone downhill. Down quite a bit and when it is up, it is buffering half the time. Sad.

  59. Andrea says:

    You are so cute Dave!!! Wish you were mine hehe

  60. Merlin Oberdorf says:

    Hi, tried to post this now for the third time. Not sure why this is not being allowed but wanting to know where to find the acoustic version of I Am Trying To Break Your Heart version you played on 4/1/12. Thanks.

  61. joel robinson says:

    why does this web site work half the time?

  62. joel robinson says:

    I see you don’t reply to any comments

  63. Swooperman says:

    It looks like the goof is going to be booted out of the White House and the adults will be back in control.
    So there is hope for liberal democrats. President Romney may be able to save them.

  64. Swooperman says:

    I hope Obama follows George Bush’s example and we never hear from him again.

  65. Kayla says:

    Please Fix this video stream!!!!

  66. Cesar Morales says:

    Great streaming! I appreciate it. It help me to practice the english language. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Honduras.

  67. David says:

    Thanks for giving us free Fox News….We can’t afford cable and your service is a real blessing to us…You people are really great!

  68. John says:

    Thank you for streaming FOX News…

  69. Jason Warriton says:

    Thank you so much for streaming FOX! I hope they don’t take this down.

  70. Thanks to Fox News to deliver us latest world update.

  71. Marianna says:

    Remove indecent pop up ads immediately. So inappropriate.

    • count says:

      hacking into free paid tv program and you’re bitching about the ads your seeing cause you’re too stupid or too lazy to install a adblocker. what a friggin idiot

      • TheMuckWuck says:

        Since when did going to a web site constitute hacking?
        Hacking requires some intelligence. This does not.

  72. Sharon says:

    Why does this site keep asking me to download and install the player when I already have? Annoying to say the least.

    • JollyStomperUSA says:

      Yeah I know. Don’t touch it. Just let it exit in
      time. If you go to close you will just fall into
      their nefarious clutch and you’ll have to return
      to the site. Very annoying.

  73. Jason Warriton says:

    Okay! What happened? How come the link is no longer live? :(

  74. joel says:

    Why does site work half the time?

  75. jet says:

    We were so happy to have Fox News again. Unhappy now. If some hacker thinks this will stop the support for badly needed R&R getting in…they are sadly mistaken. The lengths some people will go to.
    Dear Baqui…please keep working on it..waiting impatiently.
    signed, Loyal,Bible toting gun supporting R&R Vote…American

  76. jet says:

    yeah fox is back…much better reception this time. main thing tho is its back its live and its on,,,thanks baqi and to the man upstairs.

  77. guitarczar says:

    excellent stream. many thanks.

  78. Gary says:

    Does anybody know if there is a way to stream this via a private channel on roku?

    I just found this before the election. Thank you sooo much. I cant afford cable or satellite now. I am happy to at least have this on my laptop

  79. guitarczar says:

    no sound. what’s up with this?

  80. David says:

    I don’t have any sound either. : (

  81. stephen towers says:

    Thannk you for having this site on live stream. thank you,

  82. stephen towers says:

    thank you for this live stream

  83. TOM AIMAKHU says:


  84. North says:

    Wish FOX would take this time to re-tool their entire outlook on things.

    It’s boring having an incredibly biased right-wing bubble existing in the media dragging everything to the right and muddying the waters of actual debate and legislation.

    Say ‘both sides do it’ all you want, FOX NATION is the problem.

  85. Ron says:

    Lol, Romney lost, those snow niggaz on Fox are maaad…

  86. Matt says:

    Anyone that calls this a “news” channel is highly mistaken by the word itself. “Most” Americans stopped drinking that cool aid long ago.

  87. obamabkk says:

    Love the crying on fox news.

  88. Heath says:

    You know, if you’re not staying up in the middle of the night and watching Redeye on this, you’re missing out.

  89. Kevin says:

    Carl you are a retard

  90. eyarn says:

    The channel has been down all day.

    Also, your “Fox Business” link plays CNBC, not Fox Business.

  91. Christine says:

    Hey BAQI, when is Fox News Channel going to be back up and can you hook FNC addicts up with another feed?

  92. eyarn says:

    Still problems with the Fox News feed. I’ve just watched almost every other channel on here without issue or interruption. However, the Fox News channel is only playing for a few seconds then freezing.

    If this is caused by heavy traffic for the Fox News feed — I do request additional Fox News feeds from I suspect it’s a traffic issue because every other channel on here is playing fine. Whatever the problem — it seems to be specific to the Fox News feed.

  93. Shiloh says:

    Obama taking another photo op. Blah, blah, blah….same old rhetoric, nothing new. Mr. President, have you forgotten you don’t have to campaign any more? Or not realize that you will never convince Americans who already know better, of what you want them to believe?

  94. FreeFoxNews says:

    What is with consistent interruption of missing plug ins to get real player? Let alone the freezing.

  95. jennahlynn says:

    Thank you so much for the live news stream! such a pleasure to know that if tv is unavailable; Baqi has the news.

  96. FreeFoxNews says:

    F u c k You ilivid and real player with your rude ads over the screen.

  97. crysis says:

    fox news not working.

  98. Pastor Greg Bledsoe says:

    Today we see evil on every side, Gods word says, Mark 7:21 For from within, out of the heart of men,proceed evil thoughts, adulteries,fornications,murders,Thefts,covetousness,wickedness,deceit,lasciviousness,an evil eye, blasphemy,pride,foolishness: All these evil things come from within,and defile the man.
    No God no Holy Spirit, no conscience,no Bible no guide to the truth to the light, man living in wickedness and darkness will only do that .

  99. Karla Munger says:

    Thank you so much for all the channels – lost TV since I’ve been moving around. Access to TV thru computer and Baqi now seems so much more convenient. For a news junkie, who once worked in the ABC news room this is a blessing. I check BBC, Aljazeerah, CNN after Fox every day.
    But why is Fox Business running CNBC?
    So appreciate your work.

  100. Carissa says:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO FOX NEWS???? All we’re seeing is a dumb “Season Air” infomercial. We need unbiased reporting telling us the truth about our scumbag President. We need our Fox News!

  101. Dave says:

    All I see is infomercial to. That sucks big time. Time to move on to a new place I guess.

  102. Dave says:

    Is there anyone there to change the channel? The commercials suck!

  103. Lora says:

    PLEASE bring back Fox Nrws!!!!!!!

  104. Senior Viking says:

    Would Baqi please let us know what happened to Fox. None of us will watch infomericals.
    You’re not going to make any money with that line up.
    Have you lost Fox?
    Just tell us then.

    We thank you.

  105. John says:

    What happened to Fox News?…Did the Obomunists shut it down due to excessive transparency

  106. Randall Price says:

    where is FOX NEWS???? Don’t care about any other program!!!

  107. FOXNEWS ADDICT says:


  108. Tom knight says:

    What is with these info commercials all of a sudden on FOX News – it takes 15 minutes before Fox News pops up??? Is everyone streaming this??? I used to go here – but no more…

  109. guitarczar says:

    Blame the Mayans. But now Fox News is back so it must be a new world beginning.
    Thanks baqi. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  110. Karla Munger says:

    Thank you for finding a way to bring back Fox News…..the infomania instead of Fox was depressing. Did find some interesting sites trying to find Fox streaming…..but baqi is the best!!!Couldn’t believe you came back!! Fox, CNN, Alja and bbc all in one little box….missed you.

    Happy holidays, friend.

  111. Wes says:

    This is better quality than LiveTVCafe and no porn ads — thanks for the Fox feed. I would pay you for it if you keep it hasle free.

  112. U.S.ARMY_RANGER says:


  113. Ben says:

    There will be some changes in the taxes , but I think they will use the “Danish Model” hidden Taxes . huge Taxes on the everyday needs , like hydro , food , cars , road taxes . Then it all sounds good NOT . Denmark also prepare to cut people of EI , US will use the same model , cause now the people in power seen it’s possible to rip people of in other countries , without have a civil war or huge demonstrations , and in case of a public outburst , they will deal with that if that happen . Right now it’s all about the money , and how to make the public pay for the governments mistakes :)

  114. Catherine says:

    I seriously appreciate the Fox News and Fox Business. Also the BBC. Baqi is the best!!

  115. FoundingFather'sSon says:

    That SAMI – or as he is known on FB “FAT SAMI” is a disabled janitor from California who lives on the dole ever since he tripped over his own mop bucket. He has been pronounced “PITIFUL SAMI”.

  116. FoundingFather'sSon says:

    Thanks for web streaming FNC! There should be statues of Rupert & Roger on the National Mall.

  117. Lawrence Sheppard says:

    You guys thank your better then our news pioneers. Talk about more important subjects.

  118. Ron says:

    Can recieve all channels but since sky fire update cannot recieve Fox News can receive on smart tv and PC but no luck with my iPad can you advise? Thanks

  119. michael kors says:

    Excellent weblog here! Additionally your web site so much up fast!
    What host are you using? Can I get your associate link in your
    host? I want my web site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  120. Leon says:

    I really appreciate the Fox news available free on streaming live. I did notice during the Christmas holiday, the news was off for about a week and a TV sale program took its place. Today I cannot access the news channel, it just keeps buffering and a notice that I have to buy a plug in to continue. Want fox to know about my connection problems. Thanks

  121. charles says:

    hey Canuck, you call the BBC nonpartisan???
    you’re full of it

  122. Carissa says:

    I want my Fox News! Fuck the liberal-bias CNN.

  123. Jay Tee says:

    Awesome news! Gotta watch this everyday!

    Fox News Forever!

  124. Jay Tee says:

    I really appreciate Fox News. Gotta watch it everyday

  125. shanna says:

    fox news not showing. last 2 wks it was showing great. wht happen?

  126. Carissa says:


  127. Jacob says:

    What’s with the poor reception? Someone tell the brown people to turn to CNN.

  128. Ben says:

    Wtf? somebody needs to check the feed. Somebody flipped it to an infomercial/shopping channel

  129. me says:

    Why are there infomercials on right now? Where is fox news? We live overseas so this is really the only way to keep in touch with what is going on in the US. Please bring back the news =)

  130. nashka says:

    what up with this ad bull. where is the news??

  131. shanna says:

    missing fox news

  132. shanna says:

    yaaaa fox news is back. the only true news we hace left. thank you

    • baqi says:

      we are sorry for this issue some how there was tech issue .plz feed us back if anyothere issue we try our hard to kep it up thanks all of you ,love you guyes .

  133. shanna says:

    the thanks goes to you baqi

  134. Debra Ferris says:

    Indeed, WHY isn’t anyone coming forward with outrage over the drone issue, or ANY issue, for that matter?? Something needs to happen, and SOON! Why aren’t we (the Conservatives) protesting this man’s actions? Why no ‘Occupy Wall Street’ style protests? Are we going to sit here and let this man destroy this country and allow it to happen?? We NEED an organized, systematic movement against this administration, and SOON!!

  135. glenn gee says:

    i wish we had fox in the uk,but im not arsed cauz iv now got it on my pc…american tv is the best

  136. Helvetica says:

    Hi all
    Just had to re-install windows for my husband (Vista)
    Does anyone know why this channel shows fine in Google Chrome but not in Firefox ? Does Firefox require a plugin ?
    thanks for any info.

  137. janean deplanty says:

    What a wonderful service that is FREE…I wish some people would not look a gift horse in the mouth and complain! I live in the sticks and am so thankful
    for this………..

  138. shanna says:

    fox is off again

  139. count says:

    used to have this feed going most of the day while I worked, now it’s stops and starts so frequently and the pauses are so long this feed is utterly unwatchable and completely useless.

    • adminbaqi says:

      We are having Some internet issues in our areas , Sorry for inconvenience caused , We are trying to upgrade it SO Please Stay tuned with us and be Patience

      • count says:

        Working like a champ now. Thank you!!! Best picture on the web. I had to bail for a while and put up with crap picture just so I could watch/listen to it without having to deal with the start stop. Now you’re golden

  140. Peripatetic Apostate says:

    The IE plugin was working recently, but not the FF plugin. Flash plugin version checks show IE is up-to-date.

    How to fix the IE plugin?

  141. Real Deal says:

    I enjoy watching Fox via the net, keeps me up to speed on current events. That being said Gun control, is keeping the finger off the trigger until you want to discharge your weapon. If our rights to bear arms are taken away so is the chance to defend our self. In the real world the Police only show up after a crime is committed, then play catch up in no way do they prevent the crime. What makes me laugh is
    How disconnected the present Administration is on all matters within our own Country. Seems to me they need to all go back to School to learn more before they talk on matter they have no clue on example real world issues.

  142. Michael Krettner says:

    Thanks for providing Fox News. With the exception of Great Britain thru Sky it is not available in Europe and CNN and ABC offer controlled news only

  143. PDiddy says:

    Why is there ALWAYS several audio streams over-lapping at the same time, no channel works until it has been refreshed 2 to 3 times,,,wtf?

  144. TheRover says:

    Thank you Mr. Baqi!!! This channel helps a lot of people! :-D

  145. JoyD says:

    Thanks for streaming the fox news channel. This is really great!

  146. Perfect article content here. I am seriously fascinated. I will notify my best friends.

  147. charles says:

    who gives a shit about some dumb ass pode get off of it

  148. charles says:

    sick of this pope shit

  149. charles says:

    like fox but this shit sucks about some stupid ass pope or pope.,.they suck ass..

  150. charles says:

    love fox news but i hat anything about sonme dumb ass child mulsiton popes

  151. charles says:

    They suck ass

  152. charles says:

    get over that dumb shit

  153. charles says:

    stop the drama whith dam pope no one cares.

  154. charles says:

    so what leave the kid alon with his partents..dumb ass peopple always get into peopple lives

  155. charles says:

    our country is gone to stight shittttt….

  156. charles says:

    so what leve those peopple alon if they grow pot let them be.

  157. charles says:

    some one tell megan kelly we dont care about pope

  158. charles says:

    ok who cars about some dumbass pope..stupid ass peopple

  159. charles says:

    a bunch of nutts…true ..go by tenth comandmeths

  160. charles says:

    pagen worship…cathi

  161. charles says:

    guess they dont read old testoment

  162. charles says:

    us american peopple are crazey thats whay are country will fail..hop the bomb sets on whithouse

  163. charles says:

    so what

  164. charles says:

    all america has gone crazey over somne dam pope…what is this america…

  165. charles says:

    makes me sick to my stomach

  166. charles says:

    just like taliban

  167. charles says:

    get over it dam pope…sucks ass

  168. charles says:

    you all crazey over some peace of crap

  169. charles says:

    child moslters

  170. Greta says:

    The Stream stops working in the last 2 days.
    It was perfect when Its was working.
    Thanks for providing the stream!

  171. karyn says:

    what is an ipod? i’ve heard of that.

    • fefe says:

      i wonder if or even when this country is going to say THATS ENOUGH and start to revolt.

      • Not You says:

        I sometimes wonder why people want to Subject people to sticks?

      • yukidongo says:

        Some of us said it was “enough” when he had told us exactly what he planned to do to this once great country. The UN and our enemies are using the Muslim in Chief to dismantle us piece meal fashion. If he survives these scandals, far worse than the impeachment charges for which Nixon resigned, he will be infallible, and you can expect to see him for a third term, since he has already filed the papers to run AGAIN (the week of Easter, and then that weekend, he took control of the internet for “security purposes”). FB and You tube are being hit hard, and censored as to what you can share or post. He is already a dictator, writing EO’s, which are for management and operational purposes, to make law–effectively by passing and making Congress irrelevant. If he isn’t stopped we are done. And if he survives the scandals, he will step up his attacks, as nothing will stop him.

        • DISGUSTED says:

          I’m afraid you’re correct. This giant lying stack of dog
          crap is an evil enemy of the country.

        • TxFlowerbomb says:

          Obama is inherently evil and the majority of Americans are inherently stupid. His approval rating is up in the wake of the current scandals. His “likable” personality is credited for this. What in God’s name is likable about that miscreant? It is that “likable” factor that makes him more dangerous than Hitler, Chavez or Castro. Now with the devastating tornadoes he will be praised for being a hero when he visits victims, shakes hands, kisses babies, acts like he cares and sends in FEMA. He was probably bursting with joy hearing of the disaster knowing all news coverage would focus on Oklahoma and his multiple scandals would be forgotten and become yesterdays news. The people who elected him sold us and our Country out for what? Food stamps and subpar socialized medicine because the culture of entitlement is so out of control. Pathetic.

        • YEAH RIGHT says:

          This arrogant and evil piece of crap is probably thinking everything is going according to ‘plan’. Yes you heard me right Liberal scum out there. He’s no going to come right and show his cards and say, ‘I’m going to bring you down and everyhting is moving along quite well’.He’s created so much derision in this country not to mention severe distrust which will lead to a self destructive environment. What really scares me is if this dog gets away with Benghazi the IRS scandal. Just think, this mutt never even had a legitimate job prior to this charade andlook where he is. If something doesn’t happen in ‘a positive way’ to get out of this dire direction the U.S. will go down in the history books as what once was. Don’t ever think it can’t happen! Did you ever think we’d get hit the way we did on 9/11? Wake up people!

        • Mark Espinola says:

          Just think if a Republican, a conservative was in the White House, the Dems would have already implemented impeachment proceedings — with all this breaking news concerning Federal government agencies spying on everyone, the ongoing IRS abuse, selling weapons to Mexican drug lords by (Holder’s) Justice Department, Benghazi murders by over 100 Islamic terrorists, The White House being anti-Israeli and pro-Muslim, and a president being a mouthpiece for the debt ridden, corrupt totalitarian E.U.
          What a double standard. The radical left, 1960′s era mindset communists by any other name, are fine with all this brazen government abuse & fraud against the vast majority of American citizens, as long as their treasonous side are acting like Hitler’s SS & Stalin’s Bolshevik NKVD goons.

      • Oh no says:

        Because silly, the subjects are are those people who like to stick it to you!

      • rob sutton says:

        People hired Obama because he was a Black man we need to fire him because he can’t do the job

        • ItsSoObvious says:

          If you google 12th Imam, you’ll find that the Koran predicts al this. Obama IS the 12th Imam, the Mahdi. The Anti-Christ

        • SeriouslyConcerned says:

          This slime bag who is presently disgracing and incompetently running his office along with his hedge row of Liberal scum have got to go. Just think, ‘they’ took out J.F.K. and this piece of crap is still here. Actually, he’s in Africa on vacation with gawky Michelle spending 100 million ‘on business’. Tax payers get royally back doored again by this clown.

    • jim says:

      is an ipod an ipad? or what are they anyway?

      why are they anyway? wha do they do?

  172. Eric Scheidt says:

    Thank you for streaming the FOX station on the web for free. It helps me get through the work day. Much better than most of


  173. FoxNewsViewer says:

    Good site and seems to have lots of liberal idiots posting their idiot liberal thoughts.

    I like coverage of the baby killers
    “typical liberal ghetto trash”

    They shot at a mom with a baby and killed the baby during a robbery

    In Chicago the only ones that have guns are the ghetto trash because the good people (law abiding people) cannot have guns. Thanks to the scum democrats and liberals that run the city of Chicago

  174. bunside says:

    Thank you so much.
    Currently in stuck in Europe.
    Much appreciate the home slice

  175. Nicholas says:

    Nice feed, but I wish there was a bigger screen size apart from full screen.

  176. magija} says:

    It’s going to be finish of mine day, except before ending I am reading this impressive piece of writing to improve my experience.

  177. Nik says:

    After reading many of the flurry of disparate comments here, riddled with callow, juvenile, biased ridicule of opposing views and beliefs… seems entertainingly comical in as much as every one of them highlights the beauty ( and curse ) of our right to free speech. For a nation’s citizenry to indulge in such vilifying, disrespectful verbal assaults and condemnations of one another it is no wonder we have regressed from the strength, dignity and maturity of unification into a slithering pit of vipers spewing the venom of contemptuous disunity which will eventually cannibalize us all by virtue of a collective, self-sabotage of our culture…

    • FoxNewsViewer says:

      Liberals often “PRETEND INTELLECT” when they speak and write: they say and write things that make no sense. They misuse words, drop in big words, twist the meaning of conclusions in an attempt to make some point that is lost on normal people. Then the liberal will state you are not smart enough to understand the sophistication of what was said/written.

      • Surely says:

        You must have had the thought that the point really could be lost on you, or are you so secure in your convictions that you can not be wrong?

        • FoxNewsViewer says:


          I do not advocate killing babies or
          loving in another man’s rectum or
          free cellphones for low life ghetto dwellers or
          restrictions on guns for decent people (not urban banana eaters robbing local stores)

          and many more convictions that are right

          • Surely says:

            Clearly you have the right of it. Your immense wit and your enormous righteous and well thought through arguments have won me over.

          • FoxNewsViewer says:

            Yes Surley I agree

            But don’t feel bad that you are always wrong… the liberal view on many things are undefend-able because those views are just wrong. But that does not stop liberals talking and promoting their idiotic agenda of immoral and twisted ideas.

  178. Surely says:

    What a shitty day. My thoughts are with the Bostonian s and everyone who participated in the marathon.

  179. FoxNewsViewer says:

    u funny

  180. viking says:

    Where’s Fox?

  181. Joe Chill says:

    Thanks Baqiworld! I enjoy being able to see Fox news on my laptop at work.

  182. andy says:

    my screen is cut off on the right side and I can’t see or use the full screen.It stops at the volumn control.Is there something I can do?

  183. Sherman says:

    What happened to FNC? It was ok last night. Now the pic will not expand and the station can’t losd. All the other channels are fine

  184. nashka says:

    why is CNN’s feed always better with few feed delays. some days i can never watch 2 minutes without a five minute pause?

  185. joyce says:

    It is not working very well & I would love to make it full screen.

  186. Gary says:

    What happen to the video? It’s not working properly.

  187. martha says:

    Fox is a breath of fresh air as I despise the corrupt media (NBC…..) that are in this president’s pocket. (BTW – He’s not my president) I haven’t seen common sense, rationale, decency, honesty, integrity, etc., in the white house for 5 years. We will not get this country back as long as this president & his ilk remain in control. I long for the time when a president was held accountable for his behavior.

  188. Senior Viking says:

    Mr. Baqi
    The change is not acceptable. We tolerated ads that covered the screen but we will not tolerate your drop in ads that interrupt programming. That is rude and unprofessional.

    We hit mute. We will NOT be held hostage to low class ads; and some are not even in English!

    How will you gain ad revenue if you lose all your viewers?
    We won’t be here and I figure thousands more will bail out on you.

    We want the options to increase screen size and we do NOT want ads that interrupt programming in progress.

    Otherwise, adios.

  189. KEVIN says:

    Why is my veiwing cut out by Dish uring watching Fox News

  190. FoxNewsViewer says:

    I like Surley(the transvestite). He/She is funny

    He/She is in the closet – says is not a liberal.
    He/She is hiding who he/she is, and needs to come out of the closet and admit his/her true nature

  191. Surely says:

    Hey all of you Fox viewers who also buy clothes at Walmart.

    Where is your outrage over the Bangladesh building collapse and the 1000 dead who was sent back to work in a building with large cracks in the foundation?

  192. joyce says:

    Before Wed it was working great, but now it won’t work!!!

  193. Chok-Lee says:

    The site works fine

    I also refuse to call anyone names,
    even if their uncle did love them too much

  194. JJM says:

    Howdy…..Hello…..Beware of foxes in sheep’s clothing. Conditions within a belief have a range of ‘conservative’ to ‘liberal’ as an ideology. So what might’appear’ to be different, are merely different sides of the same coin. Given to you by your pleasant owner/operator. That is the source of the style of broadcast. Always advancing his belief, such that it becomes a common ‘natural behavior’ as a behavioral pattern by and within people. Power lust, manipulating the event and or destiny of a person, place, or thing. Manipulation being the only goal. Control. The creator of auto-mons, slaves without personal identity, or one very limited…..Which brings us to today. The grafters in the past always keep their philosophy as an implicit event, because they want to destroy any event of individuality and capitalism, so they kept it subtle. With Obummer and his assortments of corrupt puppet-masters, which gave him Office, the implicit has become explicit.

  195. Pete says:

    You started a good thing.
    Now you are over the edge dirt balls.
    What’s with the damned game page you send the browser when clicking on the full screen icon?
    What’s with the complete take over of the browser at that time?
    I use more browsers than you probably know about.
    I even tried the shitty Chrome.
    Yup you screwed it too.
    No I do not use that corrupt MicroSnot OS!
    I make a living at computer security.
    MicroSnot security is an oxymoron.

  196. Jim says:

    Hook them up to a lie detector machine then ask them.

  197. Lolita King says:

    Why am I hearing TWO newsfeeds at ONCE?????????

  198. nope says:

    a 15 year old american was an IMMINENT THREAT???? the US is the only one adressing “terrorists” because the US is the one FUCKING CREATING AND FUNDING TERRORISTS.

  199. Chok-Lee says:

    Obama’s socialist agenda is stalling because he appointed a bunch of incompetent democrats and liberal.

    The moral and ethical levels of these people are so low with these clowns I can’t believe they were appointed in the first place.

    It can only mean that they share Obama’s low morals and ethics … or … Obama is so incompetent he can’t see the severe short comings.

    Both are equally as bad “Hope and Change” has become “Immoral and Unethical”

  200. nancy gomez says:

    i am really tired of hearing comercials that are the same
    mentalidad of the lefrt or the right
    paying your bills.

    what about mulit list for the postoffices that are being sold by the USA

    and why does USA desirve capital letters?

    who is screwed you or me?

  201. nancy gomez says:

    i sent my message you are editing it too
    and im fron the states living in mexico
    maybe another prospective
    alot of us never get published

  202. nancy gomez says:

    funny thing i will never be commented on here because im a

    my voice never counted and you Fox News is proving it.

  203. nancy gomez says:

    you dont even have us in a real date order.
    why are my comments mixed up in some from weeks before?

    you want to hear and dont at the same time

    Like I said who is screwed
    you or me

    i think you

    you have my email want to hear more write me


  204. Ralph8119 says:

    Living outside the United States I rely on your service on Fox News Channel everyday for the latest news from back home, thank you!

  205. Joy says:

    I give up this is not reliable. It was a super idea but it just doesn’t work that well. I think I have wasted enough time trying.

  206. JJM says:

    Real mafia’s, real gangsters, real socialists/marxists/stalinists ideologues. That is the source and act of obummer. The reason why he is called obummer, is because only bums would and do support him. 95% of African-Americans, and 68% of Latin-Americans voted for him, as well as dipsomaniacs, homos, and mental deficits. They all have lost the right to be called American. They will never know an Honest day, they will always have their guilt, and they cannot ever escape from it. The philosophical conclusion of the democrat party is stalin’s gulag. They all are lying stealing thieves, and they know it.

  207. Mark says:

    Fox News is not working. Get additional links, and do not list it if it does not function.

  208. Tony says:

    it was good but it’s impossible to see the stream for the last week with different sounds popping out of nowhere, rap music, etc. Your site was great but you just transformed it into garbage. On chrome browser there is no way of stopping the overlaping sound streams, Going to goodbye. I used to open your page every day but not anymore until you fix this.

  209. JJM says:

    Howdy…..Hello…..Do not give anything of yourself to enforce obummer and the demon party. With your intelligence you should and ought to be working to get every Republican into office. And you know that is correct. That you might not know what is in the Republican Party as value, you must read Ludwig Von Mises, Ayn Rand, and come to terms with what you really believe in. Republican; no new taxes,restore Bush cuts, decrease government contracts, restore military readiness, people that are invaders should and ought to be used as one. First offense a half year on the highway chain gang. Then deported. ‘Come back if you do it legal.’…….There is an interesting trait the makes itself known in and from American Laissez-faire capitalism, it’s called benevolence. It’s called philanthropy. Freely given from one’s own worth. Philanthropy can completely provide for survival for all peoples. As more governments become Free, more philanthropy exists. As philanthropy increases in volume, governments’ reduce their size and controls. The economy of the public belongs to the public, not the government for its’ usage.

  210. zquiet says:

    you’re actually a good webmaster. The web site loading pace is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any unique trick. Also, The contents are masterwork. you’ve
    done a magnificent activity on this topic!

  211. Mark Espinola says:

    Thank you for having Fox News ‘live’.

  212. nancy gomez says:

    Im In Mexico and why all day is it repeats of the same news?

    What is happening with FAST AND FURIOUS?

    want the vote or why do we have to hear the same thing all day?

    It’s a big world

  213. nancy gomez says:

    listen to the facts
    zimmerman had a gun
    it wasn’t a block fight

    one on one
    but zimmerman had a gun!!!!

  214. nancy gomez says:

    hey every one writinghere they put your comment in the “date” that fits their over all message

    I will be suprised if this is published

    I just sent a mail and it showed up with others they repeat form april???????????????
    OTF understand what the fuck
    its editing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. nancy gomez says:

    i will never comment again on baquiworld its corupted mentaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  216. nancy gomez says:

    this White guy the neighbor who testified in Zimmerman case

    sounds like he was bought

    Zimmerman was bigger and had a gun!!!!

  217. nancy gomez says:

    so Egypt could have their own 4de Julio!!!!!!!

  218. yukidongo says:

    Speaking on the Egyptian collapse. Everyone keeps saying they didn’t give Democracy a chance. Are they stupid??? They had an “election”. That was the only thing that was democracy-like. After that, it went completely to hell. They were duped. They were getting more and more Sharia added to the Constitution. READ the signs. The first one had 100,000 in the Square. This second revolt had 10 million! And, they want Obama to stay out of the Empire building business for the Extremist Muslims–something he has been doing since it started in Tunisia.

  219. nancy gomez says:

    thats the reason i left i dont count in the US

    im a White girl

  220. nancy gomez says:

    I have never watched a chanel where all the women reporters are blonds!!!!!!!!!

    lotta jokes about blonds I guess they never Heard them.

    Its so UGLY the presentation

    this hiding the fat blond girl under a black dress

    Ive been there who is she hook up with to get on national tv??? yeah its a girl thing but also

    • Alezander says:

      maybe you should watch mexican tv where 99% of the woman are beautiful and white but they’ll throw in a metiza and pretend it’s an indian.

      u should go to mexico and racism over there where 5% percent of the spanish white population control the nation and send their poverty to the north and brainwash you into fighting against the racist anglos when they ran you out of your country.

  221. nancy gomez says:

    i like how you hide my comments

  222. nancy gomez says:


  223. nancy gomez says:


  224. nancy gomez says:

    Obama is asking for a government over throw like Egypt, we have all the same reasond, why not?

  225. nancy gomez says:

    i really think it was a fist fight and zimmerman had a gun

    he picked a fight
    and unnder the situation i would do wnat i needed to to defend myself

    and then that guy had a gun!!!

  226. Gordon says:

    Get ready,Arm yourself. The N’s are about to riot.

    Only in america

  227. vnbrtzl says:

    CHECK THIS OUT. I was making an online purchase and when I came back to “BaqiTV”, what I had purchased was inside the screen of Fox News, just like the other “Pop-Ups”. Be careful on this site, apparently.

  228. I’m gone to tell my little brother, that he should also visit this webpage on regular basis to take updated from most up-to-date gossip.

  229. nancy gomez says:

    ok this of zimmermanis over
    what about more important things tan a block fight?
    FORT HOOD is really IMPORTANT.
    both were lost for the news covering or afraid of the really important news!!!

  230. nancy gomez says:

    my reaction is in line and they are (fox) editing

  231. nancy gomez says:

    i guess i have beenstupid because i didnt and will in the futrue put the date 14 july 2013

  232. nancy gomez says:

    you can see the list me in DEC of which year?
    and this is NEWs and personal

    I ask??

  233. nancy gomez says:

    this will be the last time I watch fox

    sorry judge jenine
    but this is not real
    and im going to CNN



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  235. Where is Regan. When you need him with all that’s going on in Washington

  236. me says:

    fix the player your using its got no controls in firefox

  237. miss peaches says:

    What is going on with you yesterday there was nothing & today it will only run a few mins & then you freeze. Please fix it.

  238. vnbrtzl says:

    How come all of a sudden I see something that I purchased online is a pop-up on top of my viewing of Fox News ? How about we meet face to face and allow me the opportunity to pop your head like a zit. Do not screw with the Madd Russian !

  239. nancy gomez says:

    Bob hasn’t met me yet.

    JEJEJE ñpve Bob.

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  241. Jane giaccone says:

    I’m so didapointed with the comercials that r allowed on this sight. I have my boys watch w me and can no longer do that because of the trash thats allowed. I’m looking for another source.

  242. nancy gomez says:

    i thinkthe words are

    if they cant change the constitution
    they think its legal to chnge a verdict.

  243. nancy gomez says:

    I still would like to hear about FORT HOOD

    do you care about the baby (Ingles)

    fox is not listening to us.

    what about FAST AND FERIOUS?

    Where is Obama or Michelle?

    Does Obama care

    The reality how does this affect the US?

  244. nancy gomez says:

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    bill had his ers shut.

    it’s 7:30 pm in Vallarta

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    If you smoke weed would you turn ti the guy you buy from??

  251. nancy gomez says:

    can any one help me understand why the comments are all mixed up
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  252. vnbrtzl says:

    I am pondering leaving the USA so I can watch this bullshit from a distance

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    Rand Paul’s last comment was just plain stupid and political pandering. He says the Republican party needs to be more inclusive. What’s that mean? That’s like having a quota in workforce. Ridiculous Rand! How about just do what’s right and conservative and don’t worry about what race likes it or not. You’re missing the point! You sound like Reince Preibus.

  258. nancy gomez says:

    ok I might be back
    was watching cnn light!!
    seriously a joke

  259. Peg says:

    I cannot get the stream to play…is the link broken?

  260. JJM says:

    Howdy…..Hello…..It was all right to elect an African-American president. But who would have guessed that he would be a stooge for gangsters and communist ideologues? That his purpose was and is to destroy all of the American treasure and treasury. There has never been, is not now, nor will ever be a democrat for American Capitalism. Life, Liberty, Freedom, is Naturally Sacred. Protect it, vote a straight Republican ticket. Your Life/Future depends on it. It’s the truth, you know.

  261. Karla Munger says:

    Dear Baqi;
    So appreciate getting my news channels from you…Fox, CNN, AlJazeerah. Wish the icon for Fox Business News was FBN not CNBC.

    Freaked out this morning when I tried to connect to Baqi….it went to a site that said Baqi hadn’t paid domain update….I know Murdock is furious that people are streaming his content but some of us have no choice, we can’t afford the cable costs. Are they trying ways to mess up your streaming? Only got Baqi back by going through 7zhome page not the page to Fox News.

    Thank you for being there…and all your hard work.

  262. DF says:

    I notice your ads tend to run on the political side and i just want to say to anyone with a BRAIN that watches Fox News on this site (in response to the Defund ObamaCare ads), not just YES we should, HELL YES WE SHOULD!! This man is single-handedly bringing the US to the brink of disaster and we should not stand by and allow it!
    By the way “Surely”,read this to clarify you information on socialism vs communism. I think that is clarifies it a lot…
    Socialism is the first step in the process of developing the productive forces to achieve abundance and changing the mental and spiritual outlook of the people. It is the necessary transition stage from capitalism to communism.

    It must not be assumed, from the distinction between socialism and communism, that the political parties all over the world which call themselves Socialist advocate socialism, while those which call themselves Communist advocate communism. That is not the case. Since the immediate successor to capitalism can only be socialism, the Communist parties,-like the Socialist parties, have as their goal the establishment of socialism.

    Are there, then, no differences between the Socialist and Communist parties? Yes, there are.

    The Communists believe that as soon as the working class and its allies are in a position to do so they must make a basic change in the character of the state; they must replace capitalist dictatorship over the working class with workers’ dictatorship over the capitalist class as the first step in the process by which the existence of capitalists as a class (but not as individuals) is ended and a classless society is eventually ushered in. Socialism cannot be built merely by taking over and using the old capitalist machinery of government; the workers must destroy the old and set up their own new state apparatus. The workers’ state must give the old ruling class no opportunity to organize a counter-revolution; it must use its armed strength to crush capitalist resistance when it arises.

    The Socialists, on the other hand, believe that it is possible to make the transition from capitalism to socialism without a basic change in the character of the state. They hold this view because they do not think of the capitalist state as essentially an institution for the dictatorship of the capitalist class, but rather as a perfectly good piece of machinery which can be used in the interest of whichever class gets command of it. No need, then, for the working class in power to smash the old capitalist state apparatus and set up its own—the march to socialism can be made step by step within the framework of the democratic forms of the capitalist state.

    The attitude of both parties toward the Soviet Union grows directly out of their approach to this problem. Generally speaking, Communist parties praise the Soviet Union; Socialist parties denounce it in varying degrees. For the Communists, the Soviet Union merits the applause of all true believers in socialism because it has transformed the socialist dream into a reality; for the Socialists, the Soviet Union deserves only condemnation because it has not built socialism at all—at least not the socialism they dreamed of.

    Instead of wanting to take away people’s private property, socialists want more people to have more private property than ever before.

    There are two kinds of private property. There is property which is personal in nature, consumer’s goods, used for private enjoyment. Then there is the kind of private property which is not personal in nature, property in the means of production. This kind of property is not used for private enjoyment, but to produce the consumer’s goods which are.

    Socialism does not mean taking away the first kind of private property, e.g. your suit of clothes; it does mean taking away the second kind of private property, e.g. your factory for making suits of clothes. It means taking away private property in the means of production from the few so that there will be much more private property in the means of consumption for the many. That part of the wealth which is produced by workers and taken from them in the form of profits would be theirs, under socialism, to buy more private property, more suits of clothes, more furniture, more food, more tickets to the movies.

    More private property for use and enjoyment. No private property for oppression and exploitation. That’s socialism.

    Huberman and Sweezy, “Introduction to Socialism,” Monthly Review

  263. JJM says:

    Howdy…..Hello….. Obummer is commander in chief of bs. He would rather play politics, then to take responsibility for any action in syria. The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy. There isn’t anything that shows a win situation for
    America or for Freedom. Pres. Bush went to Iraq because saddam had killed over 150,000 Kurds with gas. Now obummer calls the ‘gas’ attack in syria a weapon of mass destruction and he refuses to take responsibility, but to send it to the Congressess. Lets play the blame game, heads I win, tails you lose. He really is one sick bum.

  264. Philo says:

    This used to be my favorite site to watch Fox News on my smartphone. Now every two or three minutes it takes me to the app store to download candycrush. This once great site is basically unusable. Such a waste too.

  265. jamesprn8 says:

    Obama needs to shit or get off the pot8

  266. JJM says:

    Howdy…..Hello….The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, at least in the case of Syria. The most important event that can come from any engagement is to get Iran to make a move. The USA and others then have the right to stop Iranian events. Once and for all.

  267. Snuzzy vooes says:


  268. JJM says:

    Howdy…..Hello…..Putin now has an even greater position than before obummer/kerry. Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Dumb and dumber. It would be funny except for its’ terribleness, in that leaders of countries are now convinced that putin will come to their rescue and stop the Americans. The russians now have a strategic permanent presence in the Mediterranean. He is signing a new contract with iran for another reactor. The russians’ guarantee successes for all the terrorists governments with moral and military support. Next they will put bases in different countries and those countries then become puppet governments’ as the russians rule…example Venezuela. It was that stupid a– jfk, in the early 60s’, that gave up cuba to the communists and allowed the communists’ a presence in the western hemisphere. There will now be NO military intervention in iran or pakistan. Long range missiles with nuclear warheads will become more common and the possibility of “limited” nuclear wars may exist. Only it won’t be local. Thank you obummer, you only had rhetoric as a means, never a truly governmental responsibility. You are a con. Only now the American Public and Nation is at a greater threat than it has ever had, even with the “Cold War”. Now there are more people with the weapons, and they are crazy. And America will pay. Thanks obummer you really are bad for America. You and all of the rest of your demons should abdicate.

  269. COWBOY says:

    FOX NEWS, SYRIA , SYRIA , SYRIA . BORING . all these freakin opinions, man. enough already. we`re done for. U.S. A , no one fears us or respects us , at all.

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  271. Ellaine says:

    I dont know what is going on in dc but ppl that are on a fix income need it i think that is wrong what u ppl are doing in dc

  272. paul says:

    JustinTV is hopeless…..I am not paying a subscription to watch illegal streams lol.

    You want people to vist this site find another streamin software,

  273. Ray says:

    Fuck Justin TV!

  274. nancy gomez says:

    its not Obama
    its soros

  275. woody Allen says:

    How Bout’ those Cubs ….:0)….

  276. JJM says:

    Howdy…..Hello…..Obummer and the rest of the demons are sob’s. There are not enough definitions in the book of profanity to describe the present administration. Your child dies in a war. His body is returned to the USA, you don’t have enough money to get it and to bring it home for burial. Yet this dictator stops funds to those families. Quote government shut-down end quote. That is pure bs. Every month the US government collects 200 billion dollars in taxes and revenues. That is more than enough to operate this government, with plenty left over. Those traitors would cut our military again,then to decrease across the board all of the Cabinets. The government is top heavy with unions, gangsters, and ideologues. Obummer is called obummer because only bums voted for him and his party.

  277. jamesprn8 says:

    not sure why I watch these biased idiots

  278. nicholas turo says:

    I enjoy listening and watching fox news on this live flash feed on my smart phone i am not saying you get 100 percent reality from fox. However it is a lot better than listening to the the 24/7 obama love fest on msnbc..I like to jump between fox and CNN.

  279. nancy gomez says:

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    I hear
    I get it

    you jejeje

  280. POLITUSIC says:

    Wow, “vnbrtzi” very well done in proving the absurdity-fueled-by-hate of the far right.

    But I agree with you about the ads, though.

    I imagine you have a Two If By Tea tumbler (probably two), and own things like commemorative plates with the confederate flag on them, right? Free speech is cool, but being a moron is your own fault, not anyone else’s. The don’t tread on me snake is eating its own tail, man. It’s time to wake up to what “Real America” and “Freedom” *really* mean, not just what Glenn Beck puts on the back pockets of his overpriced mom jeans.

  281. ken says:

    Has fox cover the missing NY teen?

  282. Desi says:

    I would not call FOX news per se. They are often wrong on facts and seem unable or unwililng to get their stories factually accurate. That bothers me. I don’t care what political philosophy you have. Facts should matter. If you want to have conservative views which are based on facts then read the weekly standard or the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal. But Fox is barely news at times. MSNBC is no better. We need NEWS, not opinions!

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  288. Mac says:

    I actually agree that FoxNews is biased and they tend to lean Republican/Conservative, but the fact of the matter is that I haven’t yet caught them in a lie when they report what the Obama adminstration is doing. Everytime a liberal idiot says, faux this and faux that.. but they never have an example of FoxNews lying…The fact is that they don’t like it when FoxNews bring out the dirty laundry of Obama’s adminstration. That’s why the like MSNBC and CNN, because they tend to cover for this buffoon of a President.

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  295. johnwrider says:

    Going on 54 million children in the USA which have be killed and this is legal?? Newscasters all wondered why God did not intervene when 22 children were killed in their classrooms at school?? What is 22 children, when 54 million have been legally killed by this Government of the USA?? God is not mock! All 54 million are His and they are suppose to have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  296. Tonycee says:

    When are you talking heads going to stop spouting the nonsense that companies can’t find computer programmers.

    There are 300 qualified applicants for every job/contract.

    Man up people!

  297. Obamalips says:

    Fox news clearly indicates whether a show is news, commentary, or both. Fox is the only network that almost always has an individual arguing both sides of an issue. Fox News employs liberals Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, Lanny Davis and more. The competing networks, who are completely failing to compete(fail, the obvious and ironic result of anything Marxist)used to claim their commentary was news. Now, most are openly, in a hostile, intolerant and hateful manner, ignore news, and focus solely on logical fallacy to promote Marxism. Ad Hominem attacks, Strawman arguments, etc.

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  299. Pat says:

    Not hearing anything about chubby cheeks; i.e. Christi and his new scandal. Would be nice to stop trying to “avoid” it. I think Fox is hiding under the desk now and not coming out on Christi anytime soon.

  300. Pat says:

    Avoiding Christi scandals. The “nothing but spin zone” doesn’t know which way to spin now.

  301. Pat says:

    I think they need to address Christi’s scandal. After all, they are nothing but Christi supporters. Hello Fox, anybody out there on Christi.

  302. William says:

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  303. nancy says:

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    no one is sane any more

  304. lisa says:

    …..So let me get this strait. Your going to fix everything? Kinda like you did obama care?.. hummph…. I don’t know about anyone else? But I’m tired of him lying to us. :(

  305. lisa says:

    The power of the vote? not the power of our bank accounts? did I just hear him right? Okay then? I have a question, If this is true? then WHY cant I have 35 options of different people to choose from on a president? Instead of being stuck with only two options? Heck? I’d even settle for being able to have 10 choices!

  306. johnwrider says:

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  312. vince pertoso says:

    I was born and raised in CT. If I was there I would also make the stand to not register my weapons. The violations of our Constitution have now become intolerable to all Americans including CT Yankees like myself. The “Communists” oh excuse me the “Progressives” in New England better take notice for when New England Yankees make a stand it is for real. Just remember what happened a Lexington Green some 238 years ago. Remember the Gadsden Flag is not a TEA Party symbol. It is the symbol of the “Spirit of 1776″ Its motto “Don’t Tread On Me.” is a warning to all Tyrants who believe they can rule the American people by incremental enslavement. I believe the start of the second American Revolution has begun.

  313. Margarita says:

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    Howdy….Hello….2/27/2014, 9:24pm, Just heard the news Russia has docked a ‘war ship’ in Cuba. One now.,more later? Russia has long range super bombers, capable of firing nuclear cruise missiles, at their air force bases in Venezuela. Meanwhile Obummer and his cronies are making America defense-less, first they cut military potentiality, our capacity to protect ourselves if we were invaded by destroying their productions lines. We, as a Nation, must at all times be able to stop invaders. No ands, ifs, or buts, about it. We must have the most volume of and capable of machines that will stop any aggression. That means machines like warthog, and all of the rest that are outgoing. Obummers have infused the infra-structure to where they can dictate any demand and it will be so. All the billions that ‘penalties’ from banks and other companies flow into the Cabinets’ treasury. To be spent according to Obummer and his bums where it will help to foster the demise of the American government and Nation. Look how disrespectful they are by destroying the military personnel and their families. There goes the greatest most capable and able individuals that protected America, the
    Country, Nation, and Honest Normal Ideals. The greatest volume of volunteers. Brave, One and All………
    All people should realize that their vote must not doom America. Its’ actually too late to say that. They will continue to do what they will, unopposed…… There won’t be any more volunteers, since obummers cut the benefits for being in the military. There goes another defense for America survive ability, the organized people that can handle the weapons of war. Any of you who are democrats, must understand that you must become Republican and vote a straight Republican ticket. FOR THE SURVIVAL OF OUR COUNTRY. Stop the availability for a war to exist, ever and forever, in The United States of America. Life Liberty, and Freedom is Naturally Sacred Vote Republican. JJM

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  320. Reed says:

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  321. JJM says:

    Obummer, and all demons(democrats and liberal republicans) have destroyed the infra-structure of our Nation.

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    Howdy…..Hello…..President Bush claimed to be a compassionate Republican, he was and still is. This is what the country needs and should want. A new Party, the Republicate. The Real Tea is the Silent Majority with Honest Values for All. Never should it be forgotten about the invasion of America beyond 9/11/01. It was the day that obummer took office in Washington, D.C. He swore to protect the rights’ of the people and the governance of the Constitution. He has failed. He and his henchmen has/have done more harm to our Country than any invading Armys’ rules could ever enforce. An alien government overruling American Free Market and imposing the rules of dictatorships from himself and all of the cabinets. Obummer, the demons(all democrats and liberal republicans), and the national news companies, all celebrated the closing down of over 10,000 American factories and the laying off of millions of people. Not through any fault of their own, but because of the massive amount of devastating regulations and dictatorial dictates…..Over and over they have changed the private will of the people, to the demands from and for the government…..small ex. this administration is teaching the young, in schools, that the black panther party fought for freedom. Murderous thugs…..I have learned something. The United States of America is the ‘melting pot’ for the whole world. Send us your, etc, etc. and they did arrive and lived as today, within their own cultural behaviours. And mostly the cultures do not mix unless it is social, hardly ever family…..Likes and dis-likes are different. How else can you explain why 97% African-American and 72% Spanish-American voted for, supported, and put in office a devoted gangster-progressive-socialist-marxist dictator/king. The answer of course, would be ignorance. Which is true. The public schools did/do not teach American Capitalism civics as its’ formal form of government and what that means for Freedom and Liberty and the protection of Life…..The obummer bunch will soon make it impossible for Americans to even protect themselves from an invasion. Yet there are no cries for impeachment. There must be, by now, a long list of mismanagement malfeasance from and within/by obummer and his gangs. On each and every subject and cabinet…..Do you realize they have enforced over 12,000 new and vociferous rules and regulations that absolutely stops peoples business…..Life, Liberty, and Freedom is Naturally Sacred. Vote for America. Vote a straight Republican ticket. I like Speaker Boehner from the House, for the Office of the Presidency. I like Condoleezza Rice for Vice-president. Her level headedness she showed as Sec. is necessary now in our history.

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    Howdy…..Hello…..Fox is supporting clinton as it supported obummer, by using sound bites all the time on every program. Foxes are sly. They like to dress in sheeps clothing……There does not exist any reason why clinton should be President of the USA. She, like all democrats and obummer, hasn’t any right to be leaders of our great country, no leadership qualities….. There has not ever been, is not now, or will ever be, a democrat for American Values. Their only interests are the amount of control and power they can manipulate over and into people….. They must pay off, for being in office. A favour for a favour….America has never ever had such a sick bunch of political leaders. Reid has stopped dozens and dozens of bills passed in the House, to be viewed by the Senate…It is apparent, watching obummer on television, that at times he looks drugged and acts that way. He has done more harm to integration than any in the history of the Civil Rights movement. People no longer trust. Others, will vote for more people that will steal from me, people that will destroy the Nations Treasure, Treasury and Defense. Why should there be trust? Only bums vote for obummers. Which is and are obummer, all democrats, and liberal republicans…..Those gd sobs’ condemning and injuring American Military and our defenses…..Who the f do they think they are?……lEAVE MY COUNTRY ALONE. I AM UNCLE TO EVERYONE AND MY NAME IS SAM. My people are the Silent Majority. We work to give you life, and you abuse it…..Life, Liberty and Freedom is Naturally Sacred…..Maintain a strict voting standard. Americans, only vote in America. Verify…… Isn’t it a shame that we must have to ask people for honesty. That use to be a normal trait in America.

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  349. ao puis says:

    Conservatives never see the truth, they always find a way to justified all issues——very sick group of people

  350. Jerome J.Madson II says:

    Howdy…..Hello……Did you hear about the nice good thing that the democrats did? You didn’t. Well neither did I……I thought that this /all terms of the dictionary of profanity stated/ of a dullard had done it all….None of it was to really prepare us for the recent event of releasing five top four star generals back into command. They are part of the root of the most vicious terrorist group in the world. It’s such a blatant dislike for Americans, the Nation, the Constitution, Law and Order and World Life. To be such a Benedict Arnold dolt on the peoples of the world is amazing. Hussein is his middle name and he means it. From his support of the muslim-brotherhood from Tunisia to Indonesia around the world…..It now appears to be true that to support terrorism, and terrorists, vote democrat. Only with this obummer there are the mafias and unions to pay off. As well, endowed ideologues with monies supporting Americas downfall. And if you don’t see the downfall for the last six years, then you surely are blind…..So what will they try to do, from the five? Will they become coccie and strut and devise better targets? How many more will be killed? Its’ okay though, obummer said “of course ‘some’ will go back to combat”. Can you believe it? Its not ‘some’ it is all. They will reunite the movement with vigor. Releasing murder-terrorists and be given free reign for them to return to carnage……Folks that is the true essence of a democrat. Their conclusion is control over anyone that disagrees.ergo assassinations and gulags…..similar to the hundreds of thousands of vietnamese killed after America left. Similar to thousands being killed in Iraq, after America ran away. Similar to hitlerism, marxism, and stalinism, and don’t forget obummerism…..LIFE, LIBERTY, AND FREEDOM IS NATURALLY SACRED, SUPPORT IT, VOTE REPUBLICAN. I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE TEA OR COFFEE FOR BREAKFAST, THE IMPORTANT THING IS THE SANCTITY OF AMERICA. We must now be looking for the new founding fathers that can rebuild America, without the liberals’ input, because that would be the cherry for the liberals-democrats. We must have Right and Rational, Honest and Good, Normal and Decent, Loving and Benevolent, Courageous and Brave, Intelligent, Capable and Objectively Successful Americans rebuilding the Nation and its’ infra-structure. Kick out all that the obummer(s) have done. Repair and build, for the future becomes now…..You cannot imagine what will evolve with peace and prosperity…..Oh yes, before I go. America is a class less society. you choose your field, any nationality. You may accomplish your goals. JUST DO IT. AS YODA SAID “TRY? NO TRY. DO”. AND I SAY AS YOU ARE TRYING/DOING, IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED, THEN DO IT AGAIN IN A DIFFERENT MANNER. DON’T STOP. LOVE THE SUBJECT OF YOUR COMMITMENT.

  351. Jerome J.Madson II says:

    Howdy…..Hello…..Obummer releases five four star general-terrorists-murders etc. They are not rehabilitated. In essence, they were told go and do what you are good at. I have never heard of the release from prison of un-rehabilitated murders. For surely they will kill. The prison would be liable for failure to do the job and to protect the citizens from harm…..So the question is, Is not obummer accessory before the fact, with full knowledge that ‘some’ of them will go back to killing. Is it not a Felony? Is it Impeachable?

  352. Jack says:

    We should stay out of it. Enough blood from our guys so
    let them bleed since they told us to leave and they didn’t want us their.
    Let them have their way. They turned and shot some of our
    own on base.
    We stay the hell out of it.

  353. BILLYDAGS says:

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    Thanks again for keeping #1 FOXNEWS online for all of us who enjoy our news & opinions delivered by high-quality, classy, professional individuals. Cheers!

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  374. Jerome J.Madson II says:

    Howdy….Hello….Obummer may have a fixation that he is the new Saladin with his support of jihad, at the same time he is on the payrolls of many, and must act those roles, as he continues to destroy American Treasure and Treasury. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT THE BLAME WITH THE CONGRESS. THERE HAVE BEEN HUNDREDS OF BILLS PASSED BY THE HOUSE AND HARRY REID WILL NOT BRING ANY UP FOR SENATE OBSERVATION. Reid and obummer are the same type of corrupt mobsters as obummers’ friends in many states, that I am sure most will know…. It sick to write like this about the President of the United States of America.Life,Liberty, Freedom, Independence is Naturally Sacred, Support it and your own Life. VOTE A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET…..ALERT…..obummer and his demons are attacking American Capitalism and Capitalists. He is stirring up the flame of hatred against American companies that have some of their business overseas. Even if its’ total overseas and not any in America, it is non of governments business. My money is mine and not a cent of it is yours. What I do with my money is non of governments business unless I initiate physical aggression./ obummer wants the rich to pay their fair share, that is his spring board for the attacks. He is stirring up uproar. He will blame everyones’ woes on the rich not paying their fair share. Since his following is irrational it is easy to sway. Limited intelligence can be conned, ergo; obummer. Since they have never learned rational civics that supports America, they can be talked into all the goodies. Just vote for it, vote once, but often, over and over again. That is the biggest problem in America, our Nation, and that is the dishonest vote, which is rampant in the U.S.A.

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  383. Jerome J.Madson II says:

    Howdy…..Hello…..2000 Palestinians killed, 67 Israelis. That is how it is broadcasted over fox and the rest of American television and written up in the newspapers. That is such sick a-s bull sh-t that I can barely conceive that I’m in America. May you never ever have hundreds to thousands of rockets fired into your community. Why is it that the pundits condemns Israel? Is it because they are better prepared? Is it because they are better people? Is it because it would be better if all of the arabs stuck to their own world and leave Israel alone/ or is there the influence of hussein obummer? Is that why all the Liberal/democrat groups dis-like the Israelis? Did it come down from high, to condemn Israel? Of course it did. Were you to think differently, you are not intelligent or rational.

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      Howdy…..Hello…..Yes, of course. When you read anything which I have written, liking it or not, enjoy your personal delights with my sight. Now for a re-occurring theme of death, with a possible new twist(?)…..plo-hammas broke the new truce and has begun to increase the rockets into Israel. Israel in turn must use up more of their defensive shield anti-missiles, which they get from ‘white house agreements’. Since he, obummer, and his cronies support the muslim brotherhood advances, since biden gave authority to iran during the iranian war to attack Americans. Where is the support for Israel? obummer will of course help Israel with more missiles, but at some price, which we will not know…..never ever trust a flim flam con artist…..he is called obummer because only bums voted for him and that is what he is and acts. What that — has done to our great Nation is pathetic, were it a few years ago, two or three centuries, such behaviour would not have been tolerated by the Congress, or Peoples of the United States of America…..the biggest problem is about to befall us again…..the november vote is over and the democrats have won hands down. It was a landslide, instead of 76% spanish it rose to 93%, instead of 97% black it rose to 98%. The rule of thumb for democrats is to vote once, but often, with the aid of the unions and the gangsters. We also must not forget the liberal television pundits with their constant support for irrational behaviour. They and the owners/leaders of the unions are the ideologues that sway the vote…..Life, Liberty, Freedom is Naturally Sacred. Support it and your own Life. Vote a Straight Republican ticket.

  385. dan says:

    Is it possible to stream the audio only? I have very low bandwidth

  386. Debra says:

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  390. Jerome J.Madson II says:

    Howdy…..Hello…..Answer me this, please. Did putin tell his public to protect themselves? Does he expect some ‘war’ on his soil? International multiple sanctions which affect the public? Does that mean he will advance?…..obummer stopped the warthog, as well as other tools that will help to defend Life, Liberty, Freedom, Independence and that is the reason why. What else could one think? Every step of the way its been an attack against American values and way of life. Your vote better stop this nonsense, vote a straight Republican ticket. It does not matter if one drinks coffee or tea, right now in history it is the party. Please help America.

  391. Macguyver says:

    Stream NOT working.

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    • ole'paul says:

      What is with this new pop up stuff? The stream works great, for about an hour. Then, some b.s. changes the window, wanting me to update my video player. No Fox News, the window just stops, until you click the thing out, & go back. Firefox & chrome both do the same thing. Different sites, do the same thing.
      I leave this thing on, to record The Five, in case I am gone. I missed it yesterday, because of crap taking over the window.
      Does anyone know if someone records & posts The Five online, somewhere?

  393. jimbob says:

    Stop restricting embedding in other sites, and I’ll stop nagging fox news to send DMCA requests.

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  404. […] Fox News Live | Watch Fox News live Streaming | Watch Fox … – Thanks for giving us free Fox News….We can’t afford cable and your service is a real blessing to us…You people are really great! Reply. John says: … Thank you for having Fox News ‘live’. Reply. nancy gomez says: June 28, 2013 at 1:04 am. […]

  405. Joel C, says:

    Dear Author: Would you please fix your website so that it will function properly on a consistent basis.
    There is a news website operating out of Jaffa, Israel called i24 News that puts your website to shame!!!!!!!
    Why is it that I can watch international news there without any buffering or skipping and I cant watch fox news without experiencing a battery of constant inferior network performance.
    Please clean your website up and fix the problems, or get this crap off of the air!!!

  406. […] Fox News Live | Watch Fox News live Streaming | Watch Fox … – Thanks for giving us free Fox News….We can’t afford cable and your service is a real blessing to us…You people are really great! Reply. John says: … Thank you for having Fox News ‘live’. Reply. nancy gomez says: June 28, 2013 at 1:04 am. […]

  407. […] Fox News Live | Watch Fox News live Streaming | Watch Fox … – Just turn on your PC and start enjoying the live streaming of Fox News. … Thank you so much for the live news stream! such a pleasure to know that if tv is unavailable; Baqi has the news. … Thank you for having Fox News ‘live’. Reply. nancy gomez says: June 28, … […]

  408. […] Fox News Live | Watch Fox News live Streaming | Watch Fox … – Thanks Fox news for streaming live. … WHY IS NO ONE MENTIONING THAT THE MIPS.TV LINK TO STREAMING FOX NEWS IS DOWN???? Reply. Jacob says: January 25, 2013 at 8:03 pm. … Thank you for having Fox News ‘live’. Reply. nancy gomez says: June 28, … […]

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  414. J.J.Madson II says:

    Howdy….Hello…..For everyone and by everyone. I criticize, condemn and complain about The President. I don’t like what he has done, is doing now and what will happen as consequence. It is because of an American value, objectivity, that I can write such things and believe in that which I want. I may do anything I want except initiated violence against another. I want to be left alone for my own pursuits. It is private…..Such it is so for all of us Americans, maybe in reality for all peoples, forever. Life Liberty Freedom Independence is Naturally Sacred, always protect it. Vote a complete Republican ticket…..As an American each and everyone will defend the Office of the Presidency, even obummer. We have leaned that we can always change opinion and observations with the vote. And folks, that is the best of all possible things that can befall evil people…..he got Americans out of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. not to protect Americans but to protect terrorist muslims and Iranian conquests. that is one of his many facets. He supports muslim, islamic conquest. Only not by a gang of thugs that have American weapons that America gave to Iraq upon leaving. Iran,China,etc cannot stop isis. Would leveling the field be to destroy every piece of military device. then leave. leaving it again to be a part of the islamic terrorist nations collective. Or do you prefer to have the chinese bring in their military to protect the oil they ‘buy’? Why should they worry? Maybe the question should be, What type of militarism would isis have after their large military devices are destroyed? Who and What will fill the vacuum? China does not want to step on the toes of the muslims. If they did, then there would be turmoil in the homeland. What would you do?

  415. ken hargesheimer says:

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  427. mary says:

    Is this a working web site?

  428. Senior Viking says:

    Ok, I can understand that. But I wish BAQI, or whomever, would tell us so and we can move on.
    I’m only checking in for a second to see if Fox is back and then I’m gone.

  429. FoundingFather'sSon says:

    That SAMI – or as he is known on FB “FAT SAMI” is a disabled janitor from California who lives on the dole ever since he tripped over his own mop bucket. He has been pronounced “PITIFUL SAMI”. *shaking head*

  430. Surely says:

    So a blue-eyed, blond haired foreigner from Denmark is allowed to watch it? And you’re right, I do feel superior to you for some reason.

  431. FoxNewsViewer says:

    blue-eyed, blond haired, WTF? how did race come into the discussion? you must have different color eyes –

    You are so full of sh!t, it turned your eyes brown

  432. Surely says:

    The guy I answered mixed race into it. ;)

  433. FoxNewsViewer says:

    Surely… that sounds like a transvestite name

    Shirley for female
    Surely for transvestite
    (Charlie for male)

    …but being a good liberal you cannot assign gender to a person – so a good liberal must be gender neutral

  434. Surely says:

    I must disappoint you friend. Surely is not my name – just a word. No meaning was behind it.

    I’m not a liberal either. I’m a socialist and actually hear what other people are saying and consider it before casting it aside as garbage, or agreeing with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s another socialist a right-wing nut or even you.

  435. FoxNewsViewer says:

    u funny

  436. Chok-Lee says:

    Socialist is just another word for slave

    Socialists are the most pathetic because they can’t do for themselves. They expect their masters to care for them

    Socialists like to destroy other people’s hard work by expecting someone to provide for them by taking away from those who do work

  437. Pete G says:

    I think you must be very young and absolutely ignorant about Socilism. I’m more than likely at least twice your age and I’ve been in countries run by Socialists.
    If you are half as intelligent as you claim then end the ignorance about Socialism. Learn sir!
    There is only one form of government that is more stupid than socialism.
    That would be Democracy.
    It always fails by devolving into something worse. One it devolves to is Socialism.
    No sir!
    I’m more than ready to fight another war to stop Socialism
    I’ve killed a few hundred Socialists and Communists.
    Unfortunately not in this country.
    What is your home address sir?
    Maybe I can start a new trend by getting rid of you first.
    Why do you think anyone should have anything you worked for?

  438. Pete G says:

    You’re wrong sir.
    We only watch Fox News here.
    It’s really great.
    Sorry to say that today it stops and goes so much it’s disgusting.
    Also we like full screen. Can’t to that today.
    Hey guy, get it right and I’ll donate to your cause.
    Either with credit card, PayPal or even BitCoins.
    We fired DTV here since you went up with this site.
    We are saving money and will be glad to pass some of the
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    But only when it streams a little better and yes we want full screen.
    I use a very tiny pc about the size of a credit card hooked to my large screen TV. So really like full screen.

    Thanks, who ever you are.
    Send me your BitCoin address/key and you might get a nice surprise.
    Pete G

  439. Pete G says:

    Founding Fathers Son?
    Dammmm how old are you?

    If you truly are a Founding Father’s Son I’d like some of the water you’re drinking.

    I’ll bet you I’m older than you…………. SON!
    I’ll give you a little help on this.
    My Son is 42 years old.

  440. martha says:

    What liberals do best is name calling.. They’re out in left field when it comes to debating.

  441. Surely says:

    Threats and belittling? Is that all you’re good for? You don’t even have any arguments other than not having compassion for your fellow men. I don’t know if you’re a Christian, but if you are you sure read the bible like a certain lord of darkness does. I find a lot of ideologies is worse than socialism. Socialism isn’t the same thing as communism. It isn’t a totalitarian ideology and really shouldn’t be a dictatorship.

  442. Chok-Lee says:

    Obviously you have serious issues

    Maybe your mother did not love you enough
    Maybe an uncle loved you too much

    either-way your incoherent ramblings are such a mess it is hard to reply to your posts – BECAUSE THEY MAKE NO SENSE

    (of spoken or written language) Expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; unclear.
    (of a person) Unable to speak intelligibly.

    disjointed – rambling – desultory – disconnected

  443. Surely says:

    Chok-Lee says:
    May 10, 2013 at 11:06 am

    I refuse to stoop to your level and call you names or suggest that your family members have dropped you on your head.

    If this site would work properly, you would see which posts I replied to. Even your own post here looks like you’re rambling yourself. Maybe that should give you just an inkling of a clue that this site isn’t working properly.

    Just so you can follow, I wrote your name on top of this post. ;)

  444. jeeter says:

    It’s just getting worse and worse here.
    Links to crap like game site that takes control of your browser when you click on full screen.
    What’s with that shit.
    It loves to eat chrome browser.
    Tried it to just see.
    I now mostly stay on
    At least I can watch full screen and not be hammered by
    crap links.
    For a while I actually thought this site would be something.
    Not any more.
    Was going to donate. Not any more.

  445. vnbrtzl says:

    I agree. Now it’s gotten worse by the infestation of video ads which make i.e. stop working. Let me add, Obama is a Pussy and Trayvon is a Jit

  446. nancy gomez says:


  447. maddrussian says:

    fuck all you muslim mother fuckers

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  449. asdrfghjk says:

    and their mothers

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